Sunday, 23 May 2010

IF I were an intern....

Ok so [semi] recently, I began an editorial 'internship' at a company which I shall call Skinny Latte [hereafter SL]. I have heard many horror stories about lowly interns having to do grunt work and I fully expected to be fetching coffee and if I was lucky, perhaps being permitted to showcase my journalistic talents as an attendee at the odd fashion show. At the time, I agreed without a seconds hesitation: it was my dream job and sure there would be no financial remuneration, but why should there be? I was naught but an intern...

Fast forward a couple of weeks and all such illusions have been shattered and like some sort of twisted baptism, I have been fully immersed into the warped world that is the fashion industry. Think 'Running in heels' meets 'the hills' AND 'the city'...minus ANY possibilty of meeting hot guys and a WHOLE LOT MORE WORK and there you have it - a day in my life!!

Lauren Conrad - eat your heart out...I have your job and yet I do not have your salary, wardrobe or status...oh wait...WHAT was my point again???


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