Monday, 31 May 2010

Sex and the pity...

Last night I went out with fellow bloggers [throughmyaiz and law ad libitum] for a girly night out with the best friends of SATC2!In anticipation of the enviable outfits courtesy of Carrie Bradshaw, we dressed as if we intended to literally walk into the big screen and unto the set. Sadly and shockingly, Carrie disappointed in both wardrobe and persona!I truly do not understand what has the whole world in luuuurve with Carrie: she is whiny and quite frankly a wee bit pathetic. The only thing I usually couldn't fault her for was her sense of style but apparently, she had lost that also. To be fair, I cannot blame her but I CAN and I DO blame Patricia Field!!

Cute dress...with turban???

Words cannot describe how ill these Jeans made me feel

I should never be able to read the news on an item of clothing

On the other hand, the person who ALWAYS looked stunning was Miranda??!! Good on her!!


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