Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The meat-less challenge


Anyone who knows me will know that I happen to have a teeny tiny love affair with meat. I like all meat [liver and kidney is NOT real meat btw] and I truly do not know how to eat a meal without meat. But ever the competitive one, I am always down for a good challenge and that is why I tried to go for FIVE WHOLE DAYS without any meat.

I lasted for about 2.5 days and then it all went downhill one day at work when I was irritable and hungry [very bad combo] and so I tried to eat sushi

£5.80 and a still grumbling stomach later, I realised that my meatless challenge would be short lived. Then I went home and ate this.

Ok maybe it was more like this...

But not raw, so maybe like this?...

The point being is that when I look at things like this...

It just makes me think of this...

Which doesn't make me a bad person, BUT it also doesn't make me a very slim person which is why I am always asking myself question like this...

Sunshine plus free food equals awesomeness [a real word]

So last Sunday, I decided to chill with my freunde and we hit the park BUT not before we watched the England match annihilation at my fave Nigerian restaurant/bar/club [I know right?] and got some free food. 

To be fair, I tried to pay for the food but apparently my £1.47 just wasn't doing the trick?? RuHude! Well, I held my head high, put away my riches and the gleefully ate my fried rice, chicken and salad without a seconds hesitation. I'm just smooth like that.

Happy Face

AND I remained happy until two men decided to try their luck and wouldn't stop trying even after I said I was 19 and had a boyfriend. Eventually I just shook my head repetitively until he decided that I was uninterested or crazy or both.

This was my distressed face

And this was my happy face after they left. In the words of Shakespeare, 'All's well that ends well'

I won't bore you with the details of where I bought this outfit from because you have seen it before. All of it...except my super awesome earrings which I bought at the clothes show. yay me!

The End.
Sunday, 27 June 2010

Blazerwhoring at The Clothes Show..

Blah Blah...I'm funny

Blah Blah...I'm cool

Here are some photos from the clothes show 

Me before the show pretending to do work whilst secretly blog stalkin'

Like the outfit? I did too until I got a whole lot of crap on it and then it just looked like I worked part time at the coal mine...

But I covered it up with my VIP press pass. oh yeah!

Look at all these Jewelleries [you have to say this in the voice of kady from my wife and kids or it just looks like I have poor grammar]
I may have bought some even though I promised someone I would try not to shop for two weeks! oh dear...

And then there were the awesome vintage bags....

and the awesome shoes...

and the aesthetically pleasing man with the SUPER awesome hair!!!
very jealous!! I MAY have erm stared at him a little longer than socially acceptable...or even stroked his hair..maybe...

And again...
Met some girls and took some crazy pics...

AND finally I befriended a oool designer by the name of Zed-eye
love, Love, LOVE her stuff!! [and so does pride magazine, kelis and asos africa so watch out for her!!]

That's all folks!! 
Saturday, 26 June 2010

And then she said I looked like Marilyn Monroe..

A friend of mine sent me a picture she took of me a while back when my hair was a little curly...and then she said and I quote 'you look like a black marilyn monroe'.

I mean I strongly disagree but I'll let you all be the judge of that... [I even erm added some red lipstick to help your imagination....HA!]
Dress: Vintage
Belt: Vintage
Bangles and ring: east street market..oh yeah!
Monroe-esque hottie?..MEEEEE :)


Thursday, 24 June 2010

I call him -The Modern Man...

I have long since been searching for a reason to implement my dislike of most members of the male gender into this 'almost fashion blog' and FINALLY the reason is here.


This morning, I had an extremely traumatic experience which really didn't have to end as it did but thanks to the gender I have now decided to differentiate as 'the modern man', it did. Let me share:

So this morning, I was minding my own business as I often do, making my way to work, wearing an outfit that consisted of my sheer black H&M top, my very cute, very multi coloured vintage skirt and the glue that held the entire piece together - my hat. Now at the evil Borough tube station, a sudden gust of wind came and went, taking with it my beautiful hat which consequently ended up in the train tracks.

Obviously, instinct took over and I leapt to go and retrieve my poor trilby when modern man no.1 decided to interfere and stop me in what he perceived to be an heroic feat. He informed me that 'the train station rules' forbid me from doing such a rash thing and that I should go and inform the station manager aka 'modern man no.2'

So I run to MM2 with my damsel in distress face and tears quickly a-forming [yes, I said tears - it's my hat, I'm allowed to cry]. MM2 turned out to be the singular most useless being I have ever met and decided to recite more 'train station rules', essentially telling me that I should come back tomorrow [at which point my hat would clearly be obliterated], whilst not trying very hard to conceal the look of utter disdain on his stupid face at the fact that I was upset about my hat. He claimed that there was no tong-like tool which he could have used to pluck my hat from the jaws of an imminent death - a tale which I knew for a fact to be utter crap!!!

I would like to take the opportunity to point out two things:
1) Had I told him that I had dropped my baby, I am so certain that he would not have asked me to come back after 1am [according to the train station rules of course]. Now before you all stone me, I am aware that a baby and a hat are of separate degrees of importance, HOWEVER, the point remains that the bloody rules can be bent, the bugger just thought my love of my hat was trivial.

2) It would have taken like 10 minutes of his time to pull out my hat but he was being incredibly judgemental and supremely L.A.Z.Y. In the biblical times, men fought lions and bears, whilst here, the modern man is afraid of a little electricity. PFFFFT! I spit on the lapels of his rules and upon my return tomorrow, I will take the time to share my very lengthy opinions on his life.

Rant over. This is what I wore today...minus the hat! Which was last seen here...

Sorry, I am not actually wearing the clothes but I had no one to take the pictures soooo it was a bit of a DIY effort...

Now if you are feeling sympathy for me [which btw you should as I seem to keep suffering traumatic losses - like my blackberry] then the hat was from ASOS [and yes I know I  have stated a dislike for ASOS but the hat was a gift and it was pretty] so feel free to buy me a replacement...or a bowler hat...much like this one [also from ASOS- dammit!!] xoxo

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

I'm a secret Wedge lover!!

Ok so I have been known to describe wedges as 'foul', 'eyesores' and other similar terms which essentially represented my permanent state of disgust towards the [previously] offending item. However, it seems that I have been reformed and in fact, of recent I have been seeing wedges that haven't inspired the gag reflex - au contraire...they have caused looks of longing [???] to arise in my eyes!!

It all started when I spotted a cute floral pair in my friend's house and I found myself having to fight off my inner kleptomaniac so that I didn't take them home [one day they WILL be mine...sorry aiz].

Since then, it seems that everywhere I turn, there is a pretty wedge lurking....

When I succumb and purchase a pair then I shall show you but until then, here are some cute wedges..yes i said it!! xoxo

The girl/wedge that started it all [make sure you check out her blog here]

See???..he can't seem to release her feet!! It's the power of the wedge!!

Blazerwhore's Secret...

Okok's not my secret, it's Victoria's.

Well actually it's not a secret at all, its an announcement. A fabby announcement; namely that Victoria's Secret will be opening it's first flagship store in London!! Since it's still VERY fresh news [aren't you all happy that I have the inside scoop etc?], there are not too many details BUT I can tell you that it will be situated on the corner of New Bond Street and Brook Street...

Anyhoo, all you lovers of pretty nunga nunga cages will appreciate this news and even if you don't love cages of the nunga variety, you will love the Victoria Secret body sprays because it literally makes you want to lick yourself. And yes I am aware of how gross that sounds but it's true...that stuff is actually really dangerous. Now that I think about it, the names are all along the lines of 'Love Spell', 'Pure Seduction' and 'Wild Romp in the hay'...ok, so I made that last one up but you totally get the gist: it pretty much does what it says on the tin so wear with caution!!!