Wednesday, 2 June 2010

An average day at work!!

Ok so I have told you all that I intern/work full bloody time for Skinny Latte [obviously NOT the real name but I am keeping it a wee bit hush hush for now] so I thought I would start taking more pictures at work so you could see what my day consists of.

Today I only have two pics for you but they are BOTH awesome.

Picture one is me clutching my 'press invitation' for Graduate Fashion Week with all the barely concealed glee of Charlie when he found his chocolate factory golden ticket!!

Picture two is me acting like a groupie with Melrose Bickerstaff - runner up from ANTM cycle 7!!

If anyone watched that season, it was the season where CariDee won...and I won't say too much but let's just say I heard some...inside gossip shall we say...SHHHHHH

Anyhoo, I shall now be working rather closely with the lovely Melrose for a while and BTW if you all hated her on ANTM [I know I did at the time] then it was probably due to some smart television editing - she really is a pleasant gal!!

Here are some of her more professional pics from ANTM and beyond...


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