Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Ebony, Ivory and .....Meat? YES MEAT!!

Apparently, all fashion interns dress the same because this skinny latte gal and I came in wearing raaather similar outfits...well at the very least, there was a recurring theme of high waists, tan and white!!

AND THEN unto the more important stuff....I went for lunch at MEZZE MEZZE!

MM is amazing for a number of reasons:
1. They lure you in with platters of free sandwich samples
2. They make friggin awesome chai lattes
3. The guys who work there are SOOOO friendly
4. They make a GOOOD kofte wrap!! [especially for fellow meat lovers like myself]

See? you eat the free sandwiches and then you come in and buy some more...what you DON'T do is take a handful of free bits and run off like the naughty builder I saw....or like me in the mornings when I haven't had breakfast...

Meat galore+cheese galore = taste galore
Chai goodness!
Finally a reminder of my outfit...and if you look in the background..that would be a pic of my magazine planning board...good times
trousers: vintage
skinny belt: vintage
white vest top: h&m

and though you can't see it in this pic, I am wearing tan heels that will be featured again...worry ye not!


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