Friday, 18 June 2010

Hats off to me!!

In celebration of my new super cool hat, I thought I would find pictures of women who have worn hats that are equally as awesome as mine. enjoy. xoxo

Sadly, this wonderful day that I purchased my beautiful hat is tainted and these pictures will forever remind me of the day my blackberry was lost [brutally ripped out of my vice like grip by a heartless vagabond]. Note that the hat was not really done justice by this outfit BUT I really had to wear it!! One day soon, I will wear an outfit that is fitting - I promise!

Hat: vintage
skirt: vintage
Top: H&M...yes I still do the odd bit of high street shopping
Cardigan: Forever 21? I think - America


The strange name that eventually makes sense. said...

lol @ hand holding up hat!

Nicola said...

lol-can you not see the hat though?

Tola said...

how comes all the models look like Audrey Hepburn?

Nicola said...

I didn't even realise until you said it. Maybe my eyes were just drawn to a similar look?

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