Friday, 18 June 2010

Hyperbole not included....

Hyperbole, Hype, amplification.....all are synonyms of the word EXAGGERATION!

Many people exaggerate. They say things like:

'the diamond ring he bought me was the size of an elephant' when it was indeed sizable but more like the size of the elephant's toenail clippings as opposed to the elephant itself

'my hair is falling out, I am like BALD' when they've only lost a few strands

'my grown, would be adult colleague was upset with me so she got her mum to call me to ask me why I was mean to her' - the insanely tragic thing about this last statement is that it is entirely absent of hyperbole and is in fact a true story as I am the person who is saying that this geuninely happened to em....I really can't delve too deeply into this one, but I can tell you that I DID laugh because I thought it was a joke but apparently I was wrong...

Anyhoo, back to the point. There is nothing wrong with a wee bit of exaggeration, it lends to a story and often makes it more interesting/humorous for all parties involved.

Here a few fashionable situations were exaggeration, amplification and hyperbole are more than welcome! This summer for me will be all about hyperbole! As my good friend 'throughmyaiz' always says, 'we're only young once!!' xoxo

Exaggerated shoulders

Statement [high] heels like these D squared skeleton heels...awesome- no?

Super sheer clothes - BUT if your bosoms look anything like mine, I suggest you wear nunga nunga cages [a bra]...

Hyped bright nail polish colours [see my 'you know you have too many nail polishes blog']
Elaborate lipstick!!!

Hyperbole hats [much like the vintage one I recently purchased - pictures coming soon]
AND super big, exaggerated, statement, amplified, HYPERBOLE HAIR!!!


Tola said...

nunga nunga it!! feeling you on the hyperbole hair though!

Nicola said...

lol - 'bra' is too simplistic a term to convey the work that my cages have to do!!

and yes hyperbole hair is the way forward!!

The strange name that eventually makes sense. said...

i actually have an interesting picture of me in a sheer top with a pink nunga cage. I won't be repeating that and no humans were hurt in the making of that imagery.

Nicola said...

LOL! sheer is cool - why won't you repeat??

Stephanie said...

This is such a great blog! Love it.
especially cuz hyperbole is my favourite literary device, second only to alliteration ;)

Nicola said...

ah steph you have made my insides warm and now I love you from the bottom of my aortic pumps [hyperbole not included] it sad that I really make myself laugh??

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