Wednesday, 23 June 2010

I'm a secret Wedge lover!!

Ok so I have been known to describe wedges as 'foul', 'eyesores' and other similar terms which essentially represented my permanent state of disgust towards the [previously] offending item. However, it seems that I have been reformed and in fact, of recent I have been seeing wedges that haven't inspired the gag reflex - au contraire...they have caused looks of longing [???] to arise in my eyes!!

It all started when I spotted a cute floral pair in my friend's house and I found myself having to fight off my inner kleptomaniac so that I didn't take them home [one day they WILL be mine...sorry aiz].

Since then, it seems that everywhere I turn, there is a pretty wedge lurking....

When I succumb and purchase a pair then I shall show you but until then, here are some cute wedges..yes i said it!! xoxo

The girl/wedge that started it all [make sure you check out her blog here]

See???..he can't seem to release her feet!! It's the power of the wedge!!


Southerners from the North said...

'the power of the wedge' lol! Im in love with wedges too. I have a pair by nicole farhi that i hav had for years and cant seem to let go of. Guess its the power of the wedge again.

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