Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it even Superman?

NO its a very SUPER drug company's policy that states that you cannot take pictures inside their store.

It all started when I was busy minding my own business taking a picture of MY OWN FACE when the store attendant decided to rather abruptly tell me that I couldn't take pictures and then strutting off with a bounce in his step.

However, I soon stepped on his bounce when I rather reasonably asked for the sense behind the policy and he struggled to explain.

Apparently, by taking a picture of my face, I could be acting as a store competitor? Deciding that this was due to the fact that I took the picture whilst wearing their lipstick, I asked him a VERY simple question: namely, IF I scrubbed the crap off my lips, would I THEN be permitted to take a picture of myself???

After a stuttered response and what looked like the beginning of tears, I decided to leave the poor guy alone but I STILL got my pic! Utter satisfaction that was...

And annoying store experience aside, I love, love, love the colour

lipstick: Collection 2000, no.1 -forever heather [not too sure what sense there is in the name but ho hum, that's what it's called]


The strange name that eventually makes sense. said...

i think this would look stunning on me! like seriously

Nicola said...

well most lippy type things do.
why don't you buy it and see??...

Henessy said...

Thats a random policy. Oh well i've taken several pictures in Superdrug of myself and have never been stopped once but then again this is in East London lol.

Nicola said...

Lol..this was the one in marble arch and I really think he was just being an enemy of fun! silly man

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