Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Living with a PSYCHO

Over the years, I have perfected what I have dubbed my 'crazy radar'. Whereas other people wait until they cross paths with 'twitchy-eyed Mc'Psycho', I have learnt to recognise him from a distance and make a hasty getaway.

Why do I run you ask? Aren't crazy folk people too??

YES indeed they are BUT if YOU [like me] were to the crazies what Cher/Madonna is to the gays then you would probably run too.

OK I am digressing a wee bit. The point is that all my years of training were for naught because for the 3rd year running, I have willing signed a legal contract that has bound me to live with a complete and utter nutter!!

She will remain a mystery for now but one day [soon] I shall introduce you to my super INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE house mate...

Disclaimer: Ok so she is not actually insane in the sense that she does not froth at the mouth BUT she does walk the fine line...


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I'm sorry what now??

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