Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Not such a slender touch...

Ok SOOOO many things happened today so I'm going to have sharing time:

1) I had to literally sprint into work today which made me look super cool as I bobbed and weaved through all the other employed folk who had the liberty of walking to work as they were on time.

2) I had a presentation for a staff meeting, which went well...especially since the meeting came with a basket full of all butter croissants which everyone kept avoiding...well almost everyone...I ate erm a few and took one home...shhhh

3) I had to be mean to our SEO guy but he totally deserved it [btw it is really weird telling off someone much older than you are]

4) I decided to de-stress by going to watch the Nigerian match, but then they just played like the talented unserious players that they are.

5) I tried to take pictures in peace but ended up accosted by the multitude of men who also came to watch the match [it was my fault for trying to watch a Nigerian match in a Nigerian bar...in South London]

6) I met and took pictures with 'Vocal Slender'...yes the one and only guy from the show 'Welcome to Lagos'. It turned out that the 'slender' part of his name did not extend to his touch. He was erm a real go getter shall we say, that's probably why his hands repetitively tried to go and get a hold of my nungas. Charming.

BUT inspite of the sprinting, the meeting, the eating, the losing and the erm 'cop a feeling'? The evening was still enjoyable and I managed to meet a white dude who spoke full blown Yoruba [but then I proposed to him which was really awkward for everyone], and another hilarious guy..who turned out to be a comedian...made sense. Anyhoo enough rambling. Here are the pics. enjoy. xoxo

Top: primark? or H&M
Skirt: vintage
Cardigan: vintage

I promise one day soon, I will just wear clothes that are appropriate for a twenty-something year old lass!!


Henessy said...

Your outfits are always gorge on you luv so no need to change it up.

LMAO at you trying to 'de-stress' by watching the Naija match. If anything that game had me stressed and pissed off lol.

Nicola said...

awww thank you!! I just think that sometimes I am pushing the boundaries and now i just look like an actual granny...but I genuinely don't have any specific look- i just go through phases so we'll see what the next one is...

and YES that naija match was just so stressful..kmt

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