Sunday, 13 June 2010

An SOS!!!

I have looked up the meaning of SOS and apart from the obvious 'save our souls' acronym, it is the morse code distress signal
. . ._ _ _ . . .

Funnily enough, it is rather appropo that those same letters appear in the name of a rather popular online clothing store that insists on doing things that upset me.

The first time I realised I would never shop at ASOS again was when I was made aware of 'ASOS AFRICA' which took clothes which as an actual african, I wore to just chill or go to the market and then placed incredulous price tags on them and then dubbed it asos africa for the hapless fool who wanted to wear 'exotic prints'.

This is not a rant about roots, I am not related to Kunta Kinte but rather, I am upset for the people who are being bamboozled into paying real pounds sterling for something when it just doesn't have to be that way.

Asos african print turban: £18....really??

Asos africa shirred maxi dress: £55

Blazerwhore shirred maxi wrapper dress: approx 500 naira [if that] equivalent to approx £2...

Unfortunately, you cannot see the full outfit as I took the pic a while ago and I am currently in my PJs and just cannot be bothered to change but that smidgen of bright orange print you see? YES that is ASOS AFRICA - only minus the asos part.. [soon I shall wear the full thing and show you BLAZERWHORE AFRICA]


OR just AFRICA???? hmmmm...toughy that one...

The second time I realised that I would never shop at ASOS was when I saw ASOS 'reclaimed' because what happened is that they found used clothes and then sold them at retail prices...I mean that is exactly the same thing as a charity shop, only their prices are actually representative of the SECOND HAND NATURE of their goods.

'unique denim pieces sit alongside salvaged army surplus gear' - ASOS


'unique denim pieces inside the salvation army' - BLAZERWHORE

For those of you who still doubt and have paid silly money for 'asos reclaim' because you are oh so 'vintage-y cool?' I would like you especially to look at the following pictures and then go and apologise to your debit cards.

Asos reclaimed combat hot pants: £22

These entire TWO OUTFITS cost less than the 'reclaim' shorts in the above asos pic

Apologies for the crazy lion king like hair but I had to forgo my own vanity for the greater good.

To sum up, this is my very own . . . _ _ _ . . .

I am distressed.

A . . . _ _ _ . . . suck balls


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