Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Sunshine plus free food equals awesomeness [a real word]

So last Sunday, I decided to chill with my freunde and we hit the park BUT not before we watched the England match annihilation at my fave Nigerian restaurant/bar/club [I know right?] and got some free food. 

To be fair, I tried to pay for the food but apparently my £1.47 just wasn't doing the trick?? RuHude! Well, I held my head high, put away my riches and the gleefully ate my fried rice, chicken and salad without a seconds hesitation. I'm just smooth like that.

Happy Face

AND I remained happy until two men decided to try their luck and wouldn't stop trying even after I said I was 19 and had a boyfriend. Eventually I just shook my head repetitively until he decided that I was uninterested or crazy or both.

This was my distressed face

And this was my happy face after they left. In the words of Shakespeare, 'All's well that ends well'

I won't bore you with the details of where I bought this outfit from because you have seen it before. All of it...except my super awesome earrings which I bought at the clothes show. yay me!

The End.


Henessy said...

Mmm that looks nice, bringing back memories of my trip to Naija. What restaurant is that?

Nicola said...

it's called d'ecplipse!! it's on walworth road camberwell!! it tastes great. maybe cos it's mostly free but ho hum...

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