Tuesday, 1 June 2010

You know you have too many nail polishes...

you have to start referring to them by name instead of colour....

WHEN - you can paint your nails different shades and not notice the difference.

WHEN - when you have colours such as 'Pink Flamingo' and 'Flamingo Pink'

WHEN - you start changing nail polish to match your outfit

WHEN - your friends come to your house and say things like 'Oooh I forgot where I was, now I can totally do my nails'.

WHEN - you have a 'nail bar' and it doesn't sound strange.

WHEN - you can write a blog such as this.

Here are the names of our [mine and the secret housemate] PINK nail polishes. Please do not judge:

1. Rose Libertine
2. Fuschia
3. Funtime Fuschia
4. Bright Pink
5. Flamingo Pink
6. Pink Flamingo
7. Oyster Pink
8. Sally hensen pink [not the actual name but it just doesn't say]#
9. Designer Satin by China Glaze - this is the one I am wearing in the pics below
10. colour 33 - Barry M
11. Colour 18- Barry M

and erm I slyly cannot find a few but I think I should stop before they lock me away.

This is the majority of the pinks...

I have also taken a few pretty pics...yes, they are not pink but it just looked so colourful next to my nails that I had to!! Enjoy.xxx

Barry M: Spring Green

Barry M: Cyan Blue

Rimmel: Sky High

OPI: Hot and Spicy

Precision: Flamingo Pink

OPI: Suzie Says Feng Shui [from the Hong Kong range- seriously awesome names]

Disclaimer: When I was a child, I was able to colour within the lines - do not let the fact that my nails are erm...not immaculate shall we say, deter you from that truth!!


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