Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Yanky Doodle...

Ok so I found out about 5 minutes ago that I am off to America in like two seconds 24 hours, so now I am erm clearly prioritising and doing the important things in life like blogging etc....

Anyhoo, in spite of the actual last minute movements [which btw is super annoying], I am going to try my BEST to still enjoy this holiday anyway. 

Besides, there are so many great things about the USA....sunshine, burgers, Lady gaga...or maybe just not the last one...

If I come back a few sizes bigger then you'll know why...
See you in 3 weeks!!
Monday, 26 July 2010

I'm a personal shopper..almost...

A while back, I was wearing one of my vintage finds [last seen in this blog here], when a lady on the bus stopped me and asked about my dress [which btw my friend said it reminded her of Bethlehem...confidence booster that was...]

Long story short, I decided to shop for her and I have been trying for what seems like an eternity to send her the pics of her clothes but it seems that her email address has conspired against this transaction!!

Not to be deterred, I decided that I would do a post feat her clothes and what's that? crisis averted you say?
 yes I am a genius aren't I?

Anyhoo, these really aren't for you all to enjoy but that's the thing about the world wide web eh? So go right ahead and...
I had a hard time letting go of this one...it's just so pretty!! and obviously after I did my usual button embellishments, I literally had to bury it in the BACK of my wardrobe to prevent me from wearing it myself the very same day!!

the next is a coral skirt with a green blouse. Not necessarily to be worn together but I did it anyway just so she could see the vision. 

Ok confession: AGAIN, I tried to keep this outfit. Fortunately for her the skirt was a smidgen to big for me.
Personal shopper? putting the customer first? yep! that's me!!

outfit 1: vintage - dress came with a diff belt but I changed it up because the blue one just looked better...
outfit 2: clutch and belt not included...

From the horses mouth..or would that be tail??...

Ok so some people wonder if my hair is real? Well wonder no more. It's not! I mean I have hair, but the whole pocahontas like locks just don't belong to me, they belong to her but then she chopped it off and sold it to me and then BOOM - my hair is long!

So the other day when I went to get my hair did, I took some before and after pics. Some illusions are soooo about to be dashed! Apologies in advance!!


that's my personal hair dresser/cool friend in the background praying that I hurry up so she can get the hair started!! Impatient much?

ok so this wasn't the same day, it was the next day as I went off to a wedding but check out my super cool hair??

who's cool? who's hip? or down as some may say? I'M COOL, I'M HIP, I'M DOWN
or just not....

and yes that IS the incredibles in the background!! bloody awesome film!!
If you are jealous of my hair and want to meet my hairdresser then you have to go through meeeeee!! She doesn't know it yet but I am officially her agent!!

Off to the wedding now...

dress: karen millen
cardigan: vintage
long hair? pocahontas or peckham..one of the two...

Papa, Paparazzi...

So a while back, I figured that I was a super cool blogger and so, it was only fitting that I run around London, camera in tow trying to snap people for some street style like blog posts. However, it would appear that you have to actually ask for permission before you go around snapping pics of people???

I found this lady on the tube looking rather fab indeed, but when I brought out my camera, she suddenly began to hasten her footsteps...how odd....

So, after my paparazzi stint, all I was left with was blurry pics of a frightened woman and Lady Gaga lyrics stuck in my head!!

"I'm your biggest fan, I'll follow you untill you love me. Papa, Paparazzi...."


there she goes....

bobbing and weaving...

she literally FLEW down those stairs!! ru-Hude!!

this other lady stood perfectly still, but other people were looking at me like I was slightly imbalanced and so my hand shook in all the panic and rush! BOOOOO!

So you're saying that I shouldn't become a pap then??....
Tuesday, 20 July 2010

I bought a pretty hat..and then I wore it!!

Yesterday, I made an amazing vintage find in the form of my pretty new hat!!

It made me really happy and reminded me of private school kids and also the sound of music. So today, I decided to wear it and embrace my inner child, soooo I decided upon this outfit...

I bounced through the streets, channelling the energy of one of the Von Trap kids. Sadly, the men were not to be deterred by my child like ensemble and still proceeded to beep their car horns?? [but erm maybe that's because of my non child like nungas??...]

Now you see me....

Now you don't....

Evidently I am the master of illusion...

The End
Hat - vintage
top - Primark?
belt - Primark!
cardigan - vintage
shorts - vintage

Street Style...well erm we were in the street and we were stylish....

So last Sunday after church, I decided to chill with a couple of friends and show them around my new house [which btw is not the one in the pic!!]. I had to change my outfit because the original one met an untimely demise when I tried to squeeze into the back seat of a car!! Let's just say that my very lady like lace dress now comes with a very un-lady like crotch high split!

You have already met one of said friends but there are some new faces on the scene...


Chilling with my twin...no wait...my FRIEND!!
we're not for sale...the houses are..actually, you can have her too...

Oooh, who are these snazzy guys??

Give us a smile...

No, I actually know him, I don't just go around hugging strangers...any more...[seriously, you should try it sometime, it is actually hilarious...]

Which one is me?? I can hardly tell...

The End.

Park Parties and Intense competitions!!

So last Saturday, I went to my housemate's sister's birthday in the park!! It was cool, filled with food and games which started off as light fun until the competitiveness kicked in!!

Not too much chitting and chatting here

I tried to steal her bag a few times but she was awfully protective over it...selfish much??

Erm....that's exactly all I ate. just fruit. nothing else. certainly not chicken with a side of wings washed down with a meat pie.....

Let NO ONE fool you, connect four is not a children's game!! It takes a lot of intellectual prowess!
Check out the intense concentration on everyone's face

Ok, ALMOST everyone...

The End.

Tom boy transformed!!

Ok so I have this friend who is a total tom boy but has an INSANE figure, sooooo I decided to put her in my clothes and take pictures. Then I got jealous that some of my clothes looked better on her than me and so I made her take them all off and banished her from my house and life forever. Ok so I am joking, kind of...sort of...perhaps...

Anyhoo, here are some stylings from yours truly!!

Ignore the gaps in the button [she is also part of the nunga nunga clan so sometimes certain clothes reject us...rude no??]

is her leg not bent at an impossible angle??

Awwww, aint she cute??

Outfit 1: Skirt - vintage
              top - east st market
              belt - primark
              clutch - vintage
              shoes - appropriated from a friend...

Outfit 2: trousers - vintage [from the men's section funnily enough....]
             tan shoes - east st market
             cropped top - east st market
           hat - man in elephant and castle [worry not, I didn't just tear it from his head and flee, I actually bought it from his hat stall]

Outfit 3: Skirt - TK Maxx [courtesy of my mother...but not before she said 'is that not too short? or even to small..won't you try a larger size?'...charming lady....]
               sheer top - H&M
               Boots-  Mango
               Hat - ASOS [a gift]
please note that there was not a single vintage item here - I do too shop high street!!

Outfit 4: dress - TK Maxx [again mummy dearest]
              you know the rest!!

Long absences and cool requests!!

Hey guys!! I keep leaving you guys without so much as a warning but here is the deal; I recently moved house and the internet connection has not yet been established hence the reason I walked a thousand miles to my cousin's place just so I could have sharing time with you all!!

Ok so the last time I was facebooked for bloggy type reasons, it was a wee bit awkward so this time when I looked in my inbox and saw a blog related message, my heart jumped etc BUT it soon settled back to the appropriate pace when I saw that it was simply an appreciator of all things blazerwhore-y by the name of Teju Bolaji, inviting me to a vintage event where she would be selling some stuffs!! Alas, I could not make it because I had already been invited to the 'Frock Me' vintage fair and even THAT I couldn't make because my dear cousin  decided to celebrate her birthday and pulled the family card and started banging on about 'we're family, flesh & blood, blah blah' so I HAD to go to her shindig instead.

OKOK I digress a wee bit, the point is that the facebook lady from Vintage Tartlette sent me some pics of the event that I missed and now I slightly regret not attending as it looked rather fab. So now I am sharing the vintage-y tartlette-y love with you all!!


If anyone knows how to build a time machine, please do inform me so that I can rewind time, shun my family and attend this event instead!!

 Alternatively, you can attend one of her future events at Bar Anatolia, 253 Mare Street, Hackey E8 3NS where she will be next Saturday and every week from September onwards...

The End.