Tuesday, 6 July 2010

All types of whores...

A friend of mine mentioned that despite the fact that I had dubbed myself blazerwhore, that I had hardly mentioned my blazery friends in any posts.

It was indeed a great point but it is entirely outside of my control as the sun is shining and once it does, I really do refuse to wear much clothing [much like a common whore]. Rest assured that I do indeed have a number of blazery type things: a number which I discovered as I started packing my clothes [moving house soon...woo hoo!!] filled a ridiculously HUGE bag. However, as long as the sun is out, I will be a variety of whores, none of which will be related to blazers.

So for now I am:
  • a dress whore - particularly dresses of the granny variety as you will note.
  • a shoe whore - i just keep buying them and then wearing gold sandals every day. tragic really..
  • a cardigan whore - i have approximately the same amount as blazers and they are just so much more easy to shove in a bag [lest the London weather change it up] than a blazer is
  • a skirt whore - again much like your grandmothers
  • and most of all a jewellery whore - I do so love rings and shiny things
In keeping with my renewed love of jewellery, I thought I would share with you all the fact that a new vintage jewellery collection by the name of Gogo Philip is being launched by Milanese banker turned jewellery entrepreneur George [Gogo] Philip Peckinov.

The site launches this week and it's just kinda cool. Check it out.

For now, here are the pics of the shizzle to come.


Miss behaviour said...

Looks like a hoe down show down to me.

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