Thursday, 1 July 2010

Experimenting with a make-up artist!!

Usually, I don't let anyone else do my make-up but today at work, I was feeling particularly liberated and so during the model's photoshoot/video interview, I got to talking with the male make-up artist and decided to let him experiment on my face.

Again, I was trying to take this pictures myself whilst he was doing the make-up so apologies for the poor photgraphy BUT i managed to capture erm something...



He mostly used Illamasqua make up which I have posted about here
Dress - vintage with slight DIY customisation with the gold buttons
Belt - primark


Unknown said...

came across your blog, love it.
your dress is so pretty :)

Nicola said...

awww thanks guys!! i almost didn't buy the dress but then i visualised the buttons and i had to have!! xx

Tola said...

You cheated on me.... I feel so betrayed!!

Nicola said...

Nooooooooo! I didn't cheat! this was a VERY impromptu affair! it was an accident. i slipped and fell on his make-up brush!!

you can do me anytime!!

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