Monday, 5 July 2010

Babies and blogging...

I have a friend who also masquerades as my piano teacher/life coach/metaphorical big brother etc etc and he just had a baby boy!! Well HE didn't because he doesn't have ovaries etc, but his wife most certainly did and she delivered the cutest little thing ever.

We'd been waiting for this baby for a while so when we got the text announcing that he was in labour, my flatmate and I, threw on any clothes that would cover our nakedness and flew to the hospital....Ok, I lied. I changed about 5 times and then realised once I got on the train that the outfit I chose was not really hospital appropriate as my arse was most definitely visible [in my mind]. But I braved baring my bottom to the world for all of you guys.

P.s. Is it normal that I decided to view the birth of a child as a blogging opportunity??.....

Anyhoo this is my dear, dear friend and I

this is me struggling to open the waiting room window

this is me tying my shoelace and then realising it would make a pretty blog pic

I am very aware that there are no actual pictures of the baby here, but that was done intentionally. I don't want the first time he is seen by the outside world to be on my blog...he is way too special for that.
The end.
top - vintage/borrowed
skirt - Tk Maxx
boots- mango


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