Monday, 26 July 2010

From the horses mouth..or would that be tail??...

Ok so some people wonder if my hair is real? Well wonder no more. It's not! I mean I have hair, but the whole pocahontas like locks just don't belong to me, they belong to her but then she chopped it off and sold it to me and then BOOM - my hair is long!

So the other day when I went to get my hair did, I took some before and after pics. Some illusions are soooo about to be dashed! Apologies in advance!!


that's my personal hair dresser/cool friend in the background praying that I hurry up so she can get the hair started!! Impatient much?

ok so this wasn't the same day, it was the next day as I went off to a wedding but check out my super cool hair??

who's cool? who's hip? or down as some may say? I'M COOL, I'M HIP, I'M DOWN
or just not....

and yes that IS the incredibles in the background!! bloody awesome film!!
If you are jealous of my hair and want to meet my hairdresser then you have to go through meeeeee!! She doesn't know it yet but I am officially her agent!!

Off to the wedding now...

dress: karen millen
cardigan: vintage
long hair? pocahontas or of the two...


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