Thursday, 15 July 2010

Last Day at Skinny Latte!!

Ok guys, the decision has been made!! Although I will always love all things fashion related, I will be focusing my attentions on the legal route for now [Law School here I come!!]

Sooooo with this in mind, I quit my job at 'Skinny Latte' and so here it is, my last two days at the office....

We played this game where we had to build bridges out of newspapers and tape to see which team could hold a kettle full of water. 

My team kicked ass!!

The other team did OK I guess, with their 'pretty bridge'..but their leader has TWO architecture degrees [cheaters much??]

The final group had no architects...or erm eyes...

...clearly we rocked!!! Don't you just want to walk across it? [you probably shouldn't, you'd just break it and then probably break your leg as well]

Then erm I left all the guys on the team with a little something to remember me by [namely polished finger nails-LOL- they all look veeeery masculine]

It may look like I have no thumbs but I doooo, I promise!!!
Finn refused to show his face [spoil sport!!] but he erm thought he would show us his muscles instead???...ooh eeer!!

Here's a brave lad!!

Is it terrible that their nails look better than mine??? pfffft!

And the actual highlight of my day...a visit from my soon to be super successful basketball player friend!! As he lives in America, I get to see him pretty much never soooo this was a lovely change from our usual skype relationship!!

What's that I'm wearing?? a BLAZER you say??.... weeeelll I am the blazerwhore after all!! HA!

As you can see, I have had an....extremely productive fun day at work....I'm just dedicated like that....

Anyhoo, I will miss the work I do at Skinny Latte but let's just say that I have some plans and the fashion industry has not seen the last of meeeee!!


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