Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Long absences and cool requests!!

Hey guys!! I keep leaving you guys without so much as a warning but here is the deal; I recently moved house and the internet connection has not yet been established hence the reason I walked a thousand miles to my cousin's place just so I could have sharing time with you all!!

Ok so the last time I was facebooked for bloggy type reasons, it was a wee bit awkward so this time when I looked in my inbox and saw a blog related message, my heart jumped etc BUT it soon settled back to the appropriate pace when I saw that it was simply an appreciator of all things blazerwhore-y by the name of Teju Bolaji, inviting me to a vintage event where she would be selling some stuffs!! Alas, I could not make it because I had already been invited to the 'Frock Me' vintage fair and even THAT I couldn't make because my dear cousin  decided to celebrate her birthday and pulled the family card and started banging on about 'we're family, flesh & blood, blah blah' so I HAD to go to her shindig instead.

OKOK I digress a wee bit, the point is that the facebook lady from Vintage Tartlette sent me some pics of the event that I missed and now I slightly regret not attending as it looked rather fab. So now I am sharing the vintage-y tartlette-y love with you all!!


If anyone knows how to build a time machine, please do inform me so that I can rewind time, shun my family and attend this event instead!!

 Alternatively, you can attend one of her future events at Bar Anatolia, 253 Mare Street, Hackey E8 3NS where she will be next Saturday and every week from September onwards...

The End.


Miss behaviour said...

jealous!!! I am sooooooooooooooo there next Saturday

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