Thursday, 8 July 2010

Maximum and minimum live together in perfect harmony [um?]

Ok so one day I decided to let my friend [throughmyaiz] stay over at my house. In doing this, I forgot that she is nuttier than a snickers bar sooooo it was really not so surprising when I found myself leaving my very safe house with its four walls and a ceiling, to hit the very dark streets in the middle of the night so we could make a cake and ice cream run. Evidently, I am the only fatty in the village because, when we got home, I proceeded to cut the cake thinking we were going to eat the whole thing. Apparently that wasn't the intention? Shocker....

Anyhoo, the next morning we both left the house looking like complete opposites in an attempt to combat the series of 'oh are you guys sisters/twins/siamese embryonic fluid'? type questions that we ALWAYS seem to get everytime we go anywhere together. Please note that we look nothing alike..I mean she's black and so am I...we both have the normal amount of eyes etc but that's just about it

White Maxi dress: strangely enough from Atlantic, but don't think I didn't have to slice off the millions of shiny sequins they had placed on a perfectly nice dress. Silly people.
Gold sandals: from primark - again, I had to slice some straps because it was just a complex contraption otherwise.
jewellery: clothes show
african print bag: asos africa - HA gotcha! vintage baby!!!

I don't actually know where any those particular items are from BUT I do know that she has awesome taste sooooo if you want to know, go stalk her blog and find out.


We both left the house looking like civilised folk...

...And then she did this:

And then after laughing at her I tried to do the same....

...Turns out it doesn't look quite as erm cool [?] in a maxi dress..

insert bashful/embarrassed look at my failed dance move.

And then we waited for the EVER reliable 343 bus and figured that maybe if i flashed a hint of erm calf, the bus driver [if male] would sense my calf nudity and come quicker?

It really wasn't working too well and so I laughed and gracefully put my nakedness away

never underestimate the power of my smooth [probably unshaven] babies...

the end.


Miss behaviour said...

Its like I hate you and I love you all at the same time. And this Aize girl....I need to be her friend. She is everything i want to be!

Nicola said...

stop miss behaving!!

p.s. you LOVE ME

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