Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Park Parties and Intense competitions!!

So last Saturday, I went to my housemate's sister's birthday in the park!! It was cool, filled with food and games which started off as light fun until the competitiveness kicked in!!

Not too much chitting and chatting here

I tried to steal her bag a few times but she was awfully protective over it...selfish much??

Erm....that's exactly all I ate. just fruit. nothing else. certainly not chicken with a side of wings washed down with a meat pie.....

Let NO ONE fool you, connect four is not a children's game!! It takes a lot of intellectual prowess!
Check out the intense concentration on everyone's face

Ok, ALMOST everyone...

The End.


xanoano said...

My lawyers will be getting in touch with you. kmt

Nicola said...

but why? I'm advertising you for free. Isn't that what everybody wants?? baffled...

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