Saturday, 3 July 2010

Party in the Park!!

Ok so I am posting this a wee bit late BUT nonetheless, last week, I was invited to [wait for it] my housemate's, cousin's, girlfriend's birthday....

Even though I only knew the celebrant through a long chain of causation, it was still a cool event. The people were nice and so was the food. We even contributed to the good food with some homemade chicken [which tasted delish btw]

Here are the pics. 

Here's the birthday girl with a super cute child. Birthday girl is wearing the dress I almost bought by Zed eye [the designer i mentioned in my clothes show post]

shorts - vintage
Belt - free from a market
Top - vintage
glasses- H&M
sandals..... practically my own. practically...

We even almost bought the same ring. snap!


Southerners from the North said...

love your shorts! they are so cute. I want shorts like them. the whole outfit is pretty.

Nicola said...

aww thanks again guys!! the entire outfit is from my vintage raids!! the most expensive stuff was the jewellery - i'm a vintage bargain hunter!! i'm considering selling some stuff but not yet..i will do some giveaways soon so watch this space.xx

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