Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Pre-Viren a la the pan peninsula..

So like I said, before I attended the V.J exhibition, I had a pretty darn eventful day and so you will see this same outfit in 3 separate posts but do remember that they are all from the same day as opposed to the unsanitary alternative.

ANYHOO! So before the event began, I followed my colleague [soldier barbie] home so that she could get dressed into something event appropriate. What I hadn't realised is that her home was a thinly veiled spa resort!! I kid you not, it was all saunas, swimming pools and a cinema...yes, i said it!! a bloody communal cinema!!
That said, the room itself was erm compact shall we say..but neatly/modernly so, plus the view totally made up for it!

the wardrobe [or maybe the things inside?] made me happy!!

So with the tour done, I sat me down to a glass of white wine....

What's that? time to head to the event? shoe change time!! [apparently, you can't go to these events in flats?...pffft!! p.s. I really need to stop wearing those gold sandals everywhere!!]

Okie dokes, wine? - check, shoes?- check...I'm out!



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