Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Vintage, Viren and glasses galore!!!

Hi Guys! I have been away for days and I know you have all been sobbing into your pillows but I am back and I return with good news!!!

1) I have FINALLY finished moving into my new super awesome house [the moving process btw is the reason for my long absence] and for the first time in my entire life, I have a big room!! You may not understand my excitement but prior to this, I always seem to end up with a room that fits me and my nungas and not much else!

2) Last week I went to an event where I got to witness the exhibition of glasses from optometrist turned bloody genius collector, Viren Jani. The night was amazing and literally there were glasses of every variety EVERYWHERE!! aaaahh good times!!
Viren turned out to be a darling and I spent the majority of the night with him. We bonded instantly and chitted and chatted about glasses, jewellery and all the things that make me happy. He is now officially my new BFF and I intend to keep in contact!!

I have some pics from the event [these pics aren't my own but quite frankly, they are better]


Photographer: Nicola Marian Robinson

What I wore: 

Vintage stripey dress

floral belt from another vintage dress [ I do love mixing prints]

tan heels - which are really not featured in these particular pics but the day was a looooong one and I will be sharing my other adventures of the day pre-Viren!

super funky glasses [original Christian LaCroix] - courtesy of Mr Jani himself [apparently that particular pair were not for sale- booooo, but he might do me a wee insider favour -yaaaaay, fingers crossed guys!!]

ooh forgot to mention the nibbles....[note - that is not cheese..it is polenta....which of course I totally knew before I threw it into my mouth like a starved prisoner...who doesn't know the diff???...because I did, yup, totally....]


Unknown said...

love your dress, its so pretty :)
and loads of funky glasses. i wish i could wear sunglasses :( xx

Nicola said...

thanks guys...normally, sunglasses make me look like a bug..these glasses were special!!

Jazz said...

I love those glass! Especially the last two...where can I find em?

Nicola said...

awww Jazz they are only sold in london directly from Viren plus they are stupid expensive as they are all like 30 years old :(

AND those last two were definitely already sold on the night.

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