Sunday, 29 August 2010

I found my lace gloves!!!

Once upon a time, in the not so distant past, a beautiful friend bought me a pair of awesome lace gloves!! I wore them every day for about a week and then I lost them which I MAY not have mentioned to said friend because I didn't want to see the sad look in her aiz [see what i did there?? sorry folks -semi private joke]

So today, as I once again became scissor happy and started hacking away at one of my old dresses, I looked in the pockets and lo and behold, - there were my gloves!!

I was once somewhat an appreciator of all things lace- that is of course until people started wearing lace dresses with lace tights and lace balaclavas...


Now that I have seen my babies again, I remember what a beautiful material lace is! It just makes everything look sexy!!

So here's to my lace gloves!!

I totally tried to use the gloves to cover my Tyra-like five head which a certain caricaturist nicely captured here...
didn't really work though; the five head still reigns..
how sad cool am I??

you can't even tell who that is can ya?

Anyhoo, that is quite enough vanity for one day. 

lace gloves: primark
erm not really displaying the rest of my outfit sooooo
blusher: avon [discontinued - don't know what in the sam hill I will do once it runs out]
mascara: collection 2000
liquid eye liner: bourjois [ultra black]
eye shadow: random hair shop from LA
lipstick: a blend of two very diff colours from rimmel and collection 2000 [I think...]
Saturday, 28 August 2010

I saw this picture and then I looked out of the window and then I shook my head.

Yes it's a long title but what else would you do if you saw a picture of your feet covered in hot sand from a beach in a bloody country and then you looked out of your window and saw london??

now I am just going to post pictures of things that remind me of sunshine and joy.
yep that says obama - but the funny/awkward part is that next to it someone had scratched in 'sucks'...WHAT?? it wasn't me!! Those crrrrazy americans....

That's all for now folks. I'm thinking tomorrow though, I just may take pictures of like clothes or something pretty.
Monday, 23 August 2010

It's only fair I meet some famous people

I mean, that's what happens right? you go to america and then you meet someone famous, in that exact order. That's probably why I met Dora the Explorer, Forest Gump, Bob Marley AND Marilyn Monroe...

I won't lie to you, it was really difficult arranging these meetings considering that all the above folk are all fictional/dead but it did happen. it did. i promise. i have pictoral evidence and all sorts...


Ok so here's how it happened. 
I went to universal studios....

someone bet me that if I could finish a giant turkey leg then I could meet whoever I wanted...
what? don't you normally eat giant turkies served on a bed of home made walkers crisps??

They lost....[who's that sexy lass I wonder??]

aaaand BOOM! famous folk galore..

that's EXACTLY what Bob Marley looks like...

marilyn looks a bit diff without erm the death etc..

and finaaaally, Mr Gump...
ok so really it was just a restaurant which is referenced in the book with all the different types of shrimp but i thought it was hi-larry sooooooo...

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Alice in Wonderland/Blazerwhore in Hollywood..

Ok so my dress reminded me of Alice in Wonderland...not sure why because it really doesn't look like anything she wore but it does look erm tea party-ish?? Who knows?

Anyhoo, I wore it to Hollywood and then I took pics and Bob's your uncle etc..
yeah erm so that would be the Kodak theatre. My mum thought it was imperative to see this place but then again, my mum also brought back boulder size rocks from America soooo it's safe to say that her powers of reasoning are pretty schewed!!!

I'm sure the tour guide man said some really interesting things but at the time, I was teaching myself how to sleep with my eyes open soooo I missed the majority of it but the gist was 'famous folk, award shows, blah blah etc etc'

Walked past the wax museum and of course, it had to be me who gets chased by the very realistic wax-y looking human statue [an easy mistake to make - you may laugh at me now but I promise you that if you thought a wax person was chasing you, you would run too!!]
we soon made up though...

Then I bumped into Queen Latifah...


Lol....Gotcha!! Tee hee

Oh yes...the dress!!


Guess who's back???

I'll give you three guesses. Hmmm actually just the one because it's really quite obvious that I'm talking about meeeee!! That's right, I am officialy back from hamburger a-gogo land and it's about bloody time too as I was seriously fed up of American food, roads and men!! Also the Americans are super friendly in a really weird way and it was starting to hurt my face to smile so hard every time I walked in a store and was bombarded with super bubbly, borderline cult-like greetings...
That said, not all the Americans were awful. In fact, I met some awesome folk who I will most def keep in contact with. 
Also, I miss the sunshine. London needs to do something about that.

ANYHOO! Enough rambling as I am still seriously lagged by the jets and I want to compensate for my blogging absence with some American memories!!

This post is about nothing and everthing, random-ness if you will.

i mean it was a clothes store. it was like here, have some jeans, shoes and erm tru blood?? but what if I just wanted a t-shirt??

this was here JUST in case you wanted to kill bill....
I have to admit, there were really pretty though and I secretly wanted one/two. This one to be precise...

I honestly believe that Buffy used to just come in this store and go wild.

her and Captain Jack Sparrow..

This is just a random pic of a super huge/oddly pretty bug thing

That's all for now. Byeeee

Sunday, 8 August 2010


Are you confused by the name of the post?? Well I happened to be confused by the sights that I was seeing in ATL...sights that I have not seen since Lagos sooo I snapped and now I am sharing...

well to be fair, I saw these a couple of weeks ago when my dear friend [throughmyaiz] erm appropriated them from a well established, friendly Nigerian restaurant. They totally deserved it though considering that the last time I went there, they didn't give me my full order and when I pointed it out, their response was...'oh so you mean you wanted that too'...

Who remembers Cabin biscuits??? I think the last time I ate this I was five. [McVities can suck it!!] Can you say blast from the past??

So when I say A.T.L.A.G.O.S, I am entirely entitled to do so!!


ATL, hotlanta, atlanta

So erm atlanta is pretty damn hot. BUT the thing that stood out most to me from this trip is the erm gangbangers that we met. yes that is right, i said the name of 'newbreed' I believe. They were really scary looking and that had nothing to do with the fact that I had watched 'Get Rich or Die Trying' the night before.

So when one of the guys who was called Biperignon [yes, like a twisted blend of Bi-polar and Dom Perignon...really appropriate name I'll tell you] asked me to teach him how to speak 'London'? I refrained from my usual sarky response and made a hasty exit, mumbling total lies about my mother needing me for erm a necklace emergency...

Aside from my near death experience with Chicago-ian gangsters, ATL was an amalgamation of vintage buys [pictures coming soon I promise], hotel shenanigans and watching my mum re-unite with her high school buddies who ALL tried to marry me off to their sons/nephews. fun times.

Here is mummy dearest looking oh so fly. notice how she matched her lip gloss to her hair?? probably where I got my snazzy fashion sense from... NOT!!...she's getting better sha...

Anyhoo enough chit's to ATL

Introducing the sweetest most devious, craziest, ghetto-est 12 year old I have ever seen!! Do NOT let the cute smile fool you! This girl is NOT ok....


Had to hold on real tight to my hat this time. Couldn't really afford to lose it in another country.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Boston: part 2

The next day we headed to the mall. With my mother. The rest needs no explanation. Our faces say it all
Lucky the mall cop has his erm trusty steed, lest a thief should try and escape with mall goods!!....

We soon separated ourselves and headed out with the guys. They told us we were going to a cookout not too far away. Somehow we ended up at a wild party in another town....
Those pics are not so appropriate so here are the more blog friendly lot from the following day! [today to be precise]

sitting on the bleachers eating my one and only snickers ice-cream...what do you mean i ate three? that is a filthy lie...

ANTM?? where??
oooh mail for me??? no??