Sunday, 22 August 2010

Alice in Wonderland/Blazerwhore in Hollywood..

Ok so my dress reminded me of Alice in Wonderland...not sure why because it really doesn't look like anything she wore but it does look erm tea party-ish?? Who knows?

Anyhoo, I wore it to Hollywood and then I took pics and Bob's your uncle etc..
yeah erm so that would be the Kodak theatre. My mum thought it was imperative to see this place but then again, my mum also brought back boulder size rocks from America soooo it's safe to say that her powers of reasoning are pretty schewed!!!

I'm sure the tour guide man said some really interesting things but at the time, I was teaching myself how to sleep with my eyes open soooo I missed the majority of it but the gist was 'famous folk, award shows, blah blah etc etc'

Walked past the wax museum and of course, it had to be me who gets chased by the very realistic wax-y looking human statue [an easy mistake to make - you may laugh at me now but I promise you that if you thought a wax person was chasing you, you would run too!!]
we soon made up though...

Then I bumped into Queen Latifah...


Lol....Gotcha!! Tee hee

Oh yes...the dress!!



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