Sunday, 22 August 2010

Guess who's back???

I'll give you three guesses. Hmmm actually just the one because it's really quite obvious that I'm talking about meeeee!! That's right, I am officialy back from hamburger a-gogo land and it's about bloody time too as I was seriously fed up of American food, roads and men!! Also the Americans are super friendly in a really weird way and it was starting to hurt my face to smile so hard every time I walked in a store and was bombarded with super bubbly, borderline cult-like greetings...
That said, not all the Americans were awful. In fact, I met some awesome folk who I will most def keep in contact with. 
Also, I miss the sunshine. London needs to do something about that.

ANYHOO! Enough rambling as I am still seriously lagged by the jets and I want to compensate for my blogging absence with some American memories!!

This post is about nothing and everthing, random-ness if you will.

i mean it was a clothes store. it was like here, have some jeans, shoes and erm tru blood?? but what if I just wanted a t-shirt??

this was here JUST in case you wanted to kill bill....
I have to admit, there were really pretty though and I secretly wanted one/two. This one to be precise...

I honestly believe that Buffy used to just come in this store and go wild.

her and Captain Jack Sparrow..

This is just a random pic of a super huge/oddly pretty bug thing

That's all for now. Byeeee


Unknown said...

omg true blood! i want it!

Nicola said...

LOL!! nutters!! you're not at all baffled by the fact that it was just chilling in a clothes store?? and that people actually buy it?

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