Sunday, 29 August 2010

I found my lace gloves!!!

Once upon a time, in the not so distant past, a beautiful friend bought me a pair of awesome lace gloves!! I wore them every day for about a week and then I lost them which I MAY not have mentioned to said friend because I didn't want to see the sad look in her aiz [see what i did there?? sorry folks -semi private joke]

So today, as I once again became scissor happy and started hacking away at one of my old dresses, I looked in the pockets and lo and behold, - there were my gloves!!

I was once somewhat an appreciator of all things lace- that is of course until people started wearing lace dresses with lace tights and lace balaclavas...


Now that I have seen my babies again, I remember what a beautiful material lace is! It just makes everything look sexy!!

So here's to my lace gloves!!

I totally tried to use the gloves to cover my Tyra-like five head which a certain caricaturist nicely captured here...
didn't really work though; the five head still reigns..
how sad cool am I??

you can't even tell who that is can ya?

Anyhoo, that is quite enough vanity for one day. 

lace gloves: primark
erm not really displaying the rest of my outfit sooooo
blusher: avon [discontinued - don't know what in the sam hill I will do once it runs out]
mascara: collection 2000
liquid eye liner: bourjois [ultra black]
eye shadow: random hair shop from LA
lipstick: a blend of two very diff colours from rimmel and collection 2000 [I think...]


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