Sunday, 26 September 2010

Sunshine Award Nomination!!

Oooh!! What's that? A sunshine award you say??
Apparently I have been nominated for a Sunshine Award, by Tola from 'My long hair journey' [I read this blog and sometimes want to use photoshop to super impose her hair unto my head and pretend my hair has finally grown]

'The award is awarded to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspire others in the blogosphere'

It is awesome that someone out there thinks I am positive [take that ma!] so I am totally just running with it.

The rules of this wunderbar award is that :
  • You must post the award's logo in a post or on your blog
  • Nominate 10-12 other fabby bloggers
  • Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they've been nominated
  • Share the love and link the person who nominated you.

Here are my very own nominees:

1) Throughmyaiz - because she has an amazing sense of fashion. because she is almost as funny as I am - infinitely more insane but what can I do?  she makes me laugh and is the same size shoe as me..

2) My Long Hair Journey - I told you, because her hair is awesome and I wish she would pack me in her suitcase so I can come on the journey too...

3) Cupcakes and Cashmere- because she understands the necessity for both food and clothes. The end.

4) Moptop Maven - Another one of those people with awesome hair that I have to buy in order to recreate.

5) Paris Most Wanted - because they are JUST COOL.

6) Law Ad Libitum - because even though she hasn't blogged for about 10 years, when she does, I know I will either learn something or laugh.

7) Faboulista - because her name is an accurate representation of her physical self.

8) Bleed for fashion - because her wardrobe makes me happy

9) Just grow already - because I always say that to my hair but she actually did something about it and now just has cool hair

10) Flawless Mistake - because she is just so cute.

The thing is that I am not sure if I can go around commenting on all the above blogs because I have already spent a good deal of time copying and pasting links to create this post and my studying won't learn itself.

I know, I know, it's against the rules but I'm just a rebel like that.

Erm, a non-conformist if you will...

p.s. I reaaaaally tried to do the whole comment and share thing but I got tired after three of them. What do you mean I'm lazy?


Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The sun came out to play [and so did my legs]

Ok so for the first [and probably last] time in a while, the sun came out and whilst I was super excited, all around me, I could see people in full body coverage staring at me in confusion.

You see, I had done the normal thing and thrown my tights and caution to the wind so that I could bare my legs in peace. Summer is officially over and so ANY sign of sunshine will be embraced by yours truly.

FYI, I have checked the weather report for the rest of the week and it promises general doom and gloom. So for those of you who wore tights/jeans/ski masks? - I'm sorry, je suis désolée and nndo [I have just apologised to you in three languages because you truly did miss out on an awesome day of bare legged freedom]

the outfit..I left the hat off for law school...something told me people just wouldn't get it...
  the following are just cool because I look super tall. I'm not. In reality, I am about 5"3. Photography is a wonderful thing!!

it's almost like being on a beach. almost.
beach chair? CHECK!!
PEEK-A-BOO! [i find joy in the little things...]

like so...

Don't judge me. I have to take any joy I find nowadays.

Bye for now.

blouse: recent vintage purchase. the buttons make me happy
shorts: once belonged to a man and were once regular jeans. I'm sure they were not high waisted on him but ho hum
hat: you should know it already
super hot girl: she was hand crafted by an absolute genius...veeeeery expensive I'll have you know...
Monday, 20 September 2010

Embracing the Blazerwhore: Colours of the rainbow!!

Ok so from this title, you should note one veeeeeery important thing!!

Yes that's right!! The very reason for my being so named has [along with the super cold weather] returned, i.e. MY BLAZERS!!

What you may/may not have noticed is the fact that I have also apparently embraced the whore part of my name, in the form of my LBS [little black skirt] and went strutting around law school looking like a slutty secretary. This by the way is the very same skirt you may have seen me ironing straightening in my last post, however I got very bored of the peplum element and attacked it with my scissors!!

Don't blame me. I promise I am not a whore of the common wench-like variety BUT I am very much over my granny phase and when in doubt/pressed for time [which is always the case nowadays] I tend to throw on a skirt, a blazer and run out of the house....evidently I also throw on the other requisite stuff like erm undies and tops etc but you got that...right??

I recently discovered this super funky old vintage blouse I had stowed away in one of my suitcases [along with one or two ten other blouses that I had entirely forgotten I owned]. It made me happy because it was super colourful and when the weather is sucky, I like to wear bright stuff to remind me that it is ok to smile [I also use this super girly pink polka dot umbrella when it rains.....not very city lawyer-like but ho hum it's my life and I can erm carry polka dotted umbrellas if I want to]

Have you noticed that my posts are reducing in no. now?? If I haven't already, I apologise!! it's because law school has bound me in a case analysis shaped prison and I spend all my time reading BUT I had to blog today because it's been too long but also because my brain is currently rejecting any legal documentation.

OK ramble-y type things are over. picture time awaits!!

 which would you rather read?? [note that one of those looks considerably more worn...]

I won't lie to you, I wasn't reading that code of conduct. Do you think there is anything in there about skirt length regulations?? pffffft!

 the best of BOTH worlds

Ok...the outfit...
 yes - I am gleaming from the sheer perfection of my outfit..not because of the reflection on my camera. nope.

stripping dis-robing now...

don't the colours just make you happy?

and then I realised I STILL had plenty o' books awaiting me and this happened...
the end

blazer: vintage 
blouse: vintage
necklace: freeeee [and vintage - i got the regular customer discount - don't ask how often regular is - I must maintain my dignity]
shoes: vintage - portobello - almost didn't buy it and then of course my sanity kicked in!!!
skirt: primark [slight alterations crazy, impulse hacking with my scissors]
Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Legally Brunette: sleeping with the frenemy

Recently, I have taken to sharing a bed with multiple partners. Now before you all condemn me, I do not refer to sexual partners but rather hypothetical partners in the business and legal capacity. 

I go to bed with the general partners, dream about limited partners and wake up with the limited liability partners stuck to my face. I don't particularly like this relationship. I feel smothered and wish to end all these legal affairs but I cannot because I paid good money for them and because they have rewarded me adequately in exchange with the knowledge and subsequently [IF I pass] the money that comes with the knowledge.

For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, I apologize. This is what law school has done to me. I am legally brunette. I purposely exchanged the 'blonde' for 'brunette', 1) because I look ridiculous with blonde hair [I know this from experience] and 2) because, I do not want anyone to affiliate the LPC with legally blonde the movie and thus mistake the work I am doing now for fun. It is not [ok maybe it is a LITTLE bit awesome - I'm sorry my inner geek likes to learn!!]. However, it is tiring and separates me from blogging about cool things like new clothes and my first red velvet cake experience.

So now I make legal jokes. AND I blog rarely as the time is no longer there.

Here is the reason why.

Yes. I have to read all of those and it has led me to do mad things like iron my skirt with my hair straighteners..
ok so MAYBE this pic was taken before law school began...WHAT? it's just like an iron..just smaller and erm originally intended for hair...

Here are some 'insanity not included' pics that remind me of happiness and butterflies [or all other metaphorical quantifications of joy]

my first red velvet experience..
yes, I bought and ate two!! It's not my fault, the bakery had a secret weapon in the form of a super cute [and I am ashamed to say, very under age looking] cashier that had me gushing like a pre-teen groupie until the next thing I knew, my debit card was being handed back to me, alongside a receipt for the purchase of a RV cupcake and cake slice. Oh dear....

OK now pretty clothes..
i mean, yes it's no longer summer but that doesn't mean that I can't wear floral dresses on my way to lectures..

oh gosh lectures. 

on that note, must dash.

This awaits...
Friday, 10 September 2010

A review: The Mask!

I am not referring to the popular Jim Carrey movie per se but rather the SUPER awesome seaweed clay mask thing from THE BODY SHOP that my crazy cousin decided to put on my face last night. It held on to my face with the same tenacity as its movie counterpart to the point where all my facial expressions began to look similar.

The whole experience was actually rather entertaining soooo I did what ANY normal person would do and took pictures for your and my entertainment. 
I'm just nice like that really.

disclaimer: evidently, no make-up was worn in the making of this blog, so if I look a wee bit scary do not be alarmed...

then I tried to take off the mask...Apparently you don't do it like in the movie??
and after...
then apply these...

and BOOM...smooth like a baby's booty

I'm not really a patient person so I can't imagine doing this regularly BUT I must say that it was totally awesome. My camera may not have captured the effects but my words should: "It is amazing! I kept on stroking my face after the process was complete. Try for yourself and seeeeeee."

p.s. if you do try it [or already have], let me know your opinions!!
Wednesday, 8 September 2010

It DOES matter if it's black or white!!

Ooooh guys, it is enrolment day at law school today and I am a weee bit excited but not for all the reading more because I have to choose an outfit preeeetty darn soon!!

I am thinking sexy/smart BUT I don't want it to be all monochromatic and absent of colour/life but I don't want it to be all pink infusion a la legally blonde either.


I want a direct blend of the two.

I am thinking THE blouse is appropriate but THE flashing really isn't!!


methinks I must scower my wardrobe and come up with an outfit that says I am smart yet sexy and I have style oozing out of my pores!!

I mean, I don't actually own any of the above but I am certain I can recreate something a wee bit similar.

It would help if the skies didn't look all doom and gloom right now.
Maybe I should just wear a trench coat. 


OK must dash, my wardrobe beckons!!
Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Can't quite seem to let you go...

Ok so I tried REALLY hard to let go of my blouse.

I took it off, put it away and then even commited to selling it.

I ran to my balcony and I did this....

You see it is an awesome blouse. So what if I cannot breathe once I put it on??
I can still laugh.
Like so..

I really lost my cool by this point. Can't really remember what was so funny though....

Then I saw something in the sky that baffled me somewhat
turned out to just be a plane.

Also turns out that I am eaaaasily entertained...

Anyhoo now I'm thinking, can I REAAAALLY sell this blouse though??

On another note.. I got my hair did!!! Something about rain makes me never want to see my hair again, hence the braids.
Vanity is a terrible thing but ho hum, check me out!!