Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Can't quite seem to let you go...

Ok so I tried REALLY hard to let go of my blouse.

I took it off, put it away and then even commited to selling it.

I ran to my balcony and I did this....

You see it is an awesome blouse. So what if I cannot breathe once I put it on??
I can still laugh.
Like so..

I really lost my cool by this point. Can't really remember what was so funny though....

Then I saw something in the sky that baffled me somewhat
turned out to just be a plane.

Also turns out that I am eaaaasily entertained...

Anyhoo now I'm thinking, can I REAAAALLY sell this blouse though??

On another note.. I got my hair did!!! Something about rain makes me never want to see my hair again, hence the braids.
Vanity is a terrible thing but ho hum, check me out!!



Jazz said...

Do not sell that shirt!! It's awesome and goes with probably everything! Okay I am not a good influence, lol! I hoard clothes... :)

Nicola said...

I KNOW!! but what's a girl to do if it bursts open at the bust every time I so much as breath too hard? I'm thinking I may just have to leave the top button undone and wear a vest top underneath?? but how appropriate is that really?? it just ruins the shape!!! grrr decisions decisions!!

Ro! said...

You have an amazing sense of style! And I lovvee the shirt! Maybe just wear a vest top underneath? And if you do decide to sell it I'm interested! Where are your trousers from too? x

Nicola said...

awww thanks Ro!! both blouse and trousers are from my vintage hoards...most of my clothes are really!! I haven't decided about the blouse...I have a strong attachment BUT if I DO sell, it's £15...email me and we'll talk.xx

DaBlackSjp said...

White+Kaki= Great Look! I like this outfits!


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