Monday, 20 September 2010

Embracing the Blazerwhore: Colours of the rainbow!!

Ok so from this title, you should note one veeeeeery important thing!!

Yes that's right!! The very reason for my being so named has [along with the super cold weather] returned, i.e. MY BLAZERS!!

What you may/may not have noticed is the fact that I have also apparently embraced the whore part of my name, in the form of my LBS [little black skirt] and went strutting around law school looking like a slutty secretary. This by the way is the very same skirt you may have seen me ironing straightening in my last post, however I got very bored of the peplum element and attacked it with my scissors!!

Don't blame me. I promise I am not a whore of the common wench-like variety BUT I am very much over my granny phase and when in doubt/pressed for time [which is always the case nowadays] I tend to throw on a skirt, a blazer and run out of the house....evidently I also throw on the other requisite stuff like erm undies and tops etc but you got that...right??

I recently discovered this super funky old vintage blouse I had stowed away in one of my suitcases [along with one or two ten other blouses that I had entirely forgotten I owned]. It made me happy because it was super colourful and when the weather is sucky, I like to wear bright stuff to remind me that it is ok to smile [I also use this super girly pink polka dot umbrella when it rains.....not very city lawyer-like but ho hum it's my life and I can erm carry polka dotted umbrellas if I want to]

Have you noticed that my posts are reducing in no. now?? If I haven't already, I apologise!! it's because law school has bound me in a case analysis shaped prison and I spend all my time reading BUT I had to blog today because it's been too long but also because my brain is currently rejecting any legal documentation.

OK ramble-y type things are over. picture time awaits!!

 which would you rather read?? [note that one of those looks considerably more worn...]

I won't lie to you, I wasn't reading that code of conduct. Do you think there is anything in there about skirt length regulations?? pffffft!

 the best of BOTH worlds

Ok...the outfit...
 yes - I am gleaming from the sheer perfection of my outfit..not because of the reflection on my camera. nope.

stripping dis-robing now...

don't the colours just make you happy?

and then I realised I STILL had plenty o' books awaiting me and this happened...
the end

blazer: vintage 
blouse: vintage
necklace: freeeee [and vintage - i got the regular customer discount - don't ask how often regular is - I must maintain my dignity]
shoes: vintage - portobello - almost didn't buy it and then of course my sanity kicked in!!!
skirt: primark [slight alterations crazy, impulse hacking with my scissors]


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