Wednesday, 8 September 2010

It DOES matter if it's black or white!!

Ooooh guys, it is enrolment day at law school today and I am a weee bit excited but not for all the reading more because I have to choose an outfit preeeetty darn soon!!

I am thinking sexy/smart BUT I don't want it to be all monochromatic and absent of colour/life but I don't want it to be all pink infusion a la legally blonde either.


I want a direct blend of the two.

I am thinking THE blouse is appropriate but THE flashing really isn't!!


methinks I must scower my wardrobe and come up with an outfit that says I am smart yet sexy and I have style oozing out of my pores!!

I mean, I don't actually own any of the above but I am certain I can recreate something a wee bit similar.

It would help if the skies didn't look all doom and gloom right now.
Maybe I should just wear a trench coat. 


OK must dash, my wardrobe beckons!!


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