Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Legally Brunette: sleeping with the frenemy

Recently, I have taken to sharing a bed with multiple partners. Now before you all condemn me, I do not refer to sexual partners but rather hypothetical partners in the business and legal capacity. 

I go to bed with the general partners, dream about limited partners and wake up with the limited liability partners stuck to my face. I don't particularly like this relationship. I feel smothered and wish to end all these legal affairs but I cannot because I paid good money for them and because they have rewarded me adequately in exchange with the knowledge and subsequently [IF I pass] the money that comes with the knowledge.

For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, I apologize. This is what law school has done to me. I am legally brunette. I purposely exchanged the 'blonde' for 'brunette', 1) because I look ridiculous with blonde hair [I know this from experience] and 2) because, I do not want anyone to affiliate the LPC with legally blonde the movie and thus mistake the work I am doing now for fun. It is not [ok maybe it is a LITTLE bit awesome - I'm sorry my inner geek likes to learn!!]. However, it is tiring and separates me from blogging about cool things like new clothes and my first red velvet cake experience.

So now I make legal jokes. AND I blog rarely as the time is no longer there.

Here is the reason why.

Yes. I have to read all of those and it has led me to do mad things like iron my skirt with my hair straighteners..
ok so MAYBE this pic was taken before law school began...WHAT? it's just like an iron..just smaller and erm originally intended for hair...

Here are some 'insanity not included' pics that remind me of happiness and butterflies [or all other metaphorical quantifications of joy]

my first red velvet experience..
yes, I bought and ate two!! It's not my fault, the bakery had a secret weapon in the form of a super cute [and I am ashamed to say, very under age looking] cashier that had me gushing like a pre-teen groupie until the next thing I knew, my debit card was being handed back to me, alongside a receipt for the purchase of a RV cupcake and cake slice. Oh dear....

OK now pretty clothes..
i mean, yes it's no longer summer but that doesn't mean that I can't wear floral dresses on my way to lectures..

oh gosh lectures. 

on that note, must dash.

This awaits...


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