Friday, 10 September 2010

A review: The Mask!

I am not referring to the popular Jim Carrey movie per se but rather the SUPER awesome seaweed clay mask thing from THE BODY SHOP that my crazy cousin decided to put on my face last night. It held on to my face with the same tenacity as its movie counterpart to the point where all my facial expressions began to look similar.

The whole experience was actually rather entertaining soooo I did what ANY normal person would do and took pictures for your and my entertainment. 
I'm just nice like that really.

disclaimer: evidently, no make-up was worn in the making of this blog, so if I look a wee bit scary do not be alarmed...

then I tried to take off the mask...Apparently you don't do it like in the movie??
and after...
then apply these...

and BOOM...smooth like a baby's booty

I'm not really a patient person so I can't imagine doing this regularly BUT I must say that it was totally awesome. My camera may not have captured the effects but my words should: "It is amazing! I kept on stroking my face after the process was complete. Try for yourself and seeeeeee."

p.s. if you do try it [or already have], let me know your opinions!!


Dee O. said...

I always wondered how those masks made your face feel after words and if they actually made a difference! Lol, I'm glad to hear you liked it, I'm definitely going to have to try it on my next self-pampering day! Thanks for the review!

make sure you check out my latest post!

Nicola said...

you're welcome love!! go forth and pamper thyself! xx

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