Sunday, 24 October 2010

I'm a big girl now. see my big girl shoes.

You know that age that children get to and they REALLY want to do everything by themselves because they think they are grown??
Yeah...that happened to me today when I got tired of seeing my braids and thought 'hey forget hairdressers and friends- i can do it all by myself'

So I set off with a relaxer kit and a packet of weave [haggled down from the full price might i add] and got to styling. My awesome friend offered to help me with the relaxing but I said no...that is until I relaxed my neck and decided that accepting assistance was not so wrong.

Now as I sit here with one painfully loose cornrow in my head, I realise that doing your own weave is really not as easy as you may think. I look super sexy right now though, that's for sure. Besides, cornrows [or just the singular cornrow] are in.Very much so. 

All the erm corn fields are doing it...


Miss behaviour said...

Oh dear. Have you tried sewing the weave on to the corn in your fridge...just to practice?

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