Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Happy Birthday to ya....

Oooh, it's my friends birthday, well erm it's stylist magazine's birthday but that's exactly the same thing.

I speak to her at LEAST once a week. She keeps me company. Entertains me when I'm bored and talks with me about pretty clothes and shoes. 

Is that not what a bezzy mate does?

Who says you cannot personify a magazine?

I call her Stylish Sally.

So here's to you Sal.

Happy 1st birthday.

I hope we remain pals forever. 

Or at least until I have enough money to buy vogue instead...

shhhh don't tell her I said that...
well you can..but she can't hear you. She's a magazine.

I would just like to point out that my names sake has bloody well foxed herself up hasn't she?? That is NOT the same Nicola that was in Girls Aloud!!

Kudos Nicola. 

We Nicolas sure do scrub up well eh?
P.s. I want her dress and erm also Mr Holland's top...not sure if that's a good thing??


Miss behaviour said...

Who is Ya? They didn't get ONE mention in the whole blog...

Nicola said...

clearly you didn't hear funky stevie wonder rendition of the song. 'ya' is the person to whom the song is dedicated; in this case - sally.

Unknown said...

i love this magazine. so amazing its free!

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