Wednesday, 3 November 2010

I Have A Dream

I almost feel ashamed of referring to the words of MLK in this blog post because my dream was not born from a yearning for equality, it was not was simply about leather shorts.

For THE longest time EVER, I have been longing for a pair. This desire was seriously hightened when I saw a  pair on fellow french blogger from 'Paris most Wanted', but obviously my bank account was being super selfish and kept on saying no everytime I would see a cute pair in store.
Paris Most Wanted in action- aren't they cute? [both the girls and the shorts]

Now, I am notorious for erm embellishing clothing shall we say, and so I considered buying a pair of leather trousers from one of my vintage homes and cutting them up but something was hindering me, telling me that making leather shorts would not be as easy as the denim ones I had previously made and so I put my leather dreams aside and carried on living life.

THEN the second inspiration struck and it was from another pair of bloggers; this time Passtime Bliss were the source with the coined new phrase 'D.I.Y.D.S' [do it your damn self] and one of the reasons for this post was [insert drumroll here] LEATHER BLOODY SHORTS.

I was convinced.

It was a sign.

I had to have them.

I NEEDED to have them.


A few days passed and I went to sleep and had the best dream EVER [and taye diggs was not even involved]

I dreamt that my leather trousers-soon-to-be-shorts were waiting for me in my fave vintage store and so I woke at the crack of dawn and ran down to 'the store that cannot be named' [kinda like Lord Voldemort...I would share, honestly I would but I did that once/thrice/erm seven times and now it has become far too popular and I have to fight with robust women and amazonian grannies to get a simple blouse]

Anyhoo, I digress. The point is that my dream turned out to be entirely prophetic and my trousers-soon-to-be-shorts were there.

I ran back home feeling entirely elated only to be laughed at by my housemates.
 APPPARENTLY prophetic dreams about leather shorts are weird?...

and erm running out of the house all flustered and desperate is even more weird??


I have my D.I.Y.D.S shorts and the world is right again. [PICTURES SOON-A-COMING (once I find my camera )]

the moral of this story iiiiiiiiiiiis.....

take that housemates! the pic says it all. people who don't have dreams don't have my leather shorts!! oh yeah

unless erm of course you are dreaming about flying off a building. In that case...maybe just go trampolining? and erm keep below image in mind...[okok you CAN be an astronaut..i just found it funny]

Disclaimer: sorry MLK. Please do not turn in your grave. Your dream was awesome too. It meant I could buy my shorts in peace.


Miss behaviour said...

I had a dream that I was the editor of Vogue Nigeria, I woke up and they still only have Ovation....explain.

Nicola said...

well evidently you didn't believe hard enough Wendy. Has Peter Pan taught you nothing?

Unknown said...

thats amazing! glad you found your leather shorts. cant wait to see what they look like :)

Unknown said...

Hope they turn out good :)
BTW the comments above are HILARIOUS!!

Nicola said...

dude! i just need to find my camera and then I will show you how hey turned out!!

lol- don't encourage the first comment- she is just miss behaving!!

Unknown said...

The lovely ladies from PastTime Bliss go to the same Uni as me! Lola does the same course as me- Law :)

Nicola said...

oooh- we're all lawyers eh?? awesome...tiresome but awesome!! I'm at law school and you KNOW when I started because that's when my posts reduced significiantly in number!!

Jazz said...

I can't wait to see them! You are definitely not alone with being excited and dreaming about clothes!

Unknown said...

this post actually made me cry with laughter. I have worn my pair but still havent got round to posting a look! :-(

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