Tuesday, 9 November 2010

I should of gone to Cambridge...

Guys, I have something that has really been burdening my heart of late and it is the rampant use of poor grammar.

As a not so secret freshie, I am the first to admit that the english language is at times complex in its ways. I never did understand the concept of/need for silent letters especially the ones in the middle of a word like 'subtle' or 'plumber'  but I learnt it anyway because when in Rome etc....

I am not perfect.
I sometimes make the odd slip and I to use the wrong 'two' too say what I want and I understand that human error means that often people will get it wrong BUUUT when it becomes a choice, it is simply no longer OK.

Now I am no snob. Colloquialisms in the form of slang are acceptable -even necessary because face it who wants to spell out 'because' every time when you can just write 'cos'. However, it really makes me want to jab people in the eye with a rusty fork when they take a word with the same amount of letters and syllables and STILL translate it into slang.....???!!!

It is simply baffling and to be honest it makes me want to vom a little. We all went to high schools that taught languages and it is not ok to fail french but learn slang when only one of them amounts to a GCSE.

so I ask...WHY DO IT?? 
Is it to appear cool? If ignorance is cool then I shall never be cool and neither will my offspring.

If I sound snobby then it is probably because you also engage in such behaviour and I do not apologise. You should though.

"Ma Children will neva speak or write lyk dis"

 Here is my list of personal hates:
  • i should of gone in to school today - yes. you really should have
  • Ma hair needs to be done - try my for size..
  • fanx - please never thank me like this. ever.
  • brudda/bruddah - it is not hebrew. use brother
  • I fink I got the answer right - hmmm I really don't think you did
the list goes on but I am starting to upset myself so I will stop now [feel free to add to the list and help in my crusade to enlighten and educate]
that will be all...



Miss behaviour said...

nah bruv dats peak.

Nicola said...

i honestly dislike you.

Dee O. said...

Great post! As foreigners, it is really so so so easy to fall into this! Even just moving around from region to region within the US is enough to trip you up..I had such a difficult time adjusting when I moved from Tennessee to Pennsylvania that I just had to force myself to talk like they do in PA so ppl would stop making fun of me :( lol


Nicola said...

lol- I have no idea what the slang is like up in Ye olde america but it sounds so awful when people just don't TRY. It's the laziness that bugs me. P.s. I love your blog. It really is good good.xx

Unknown said...

Bad lingo grates me TOO!!

I love your blog & I'm a new follower but I'm hooked! Added you to my blog roll...come visit and tell me what you think & follow too :)


Nicola said...

awwww this totally made me smile. I am finding your blog as I type...ok maybe not literally but you get the gist.xx

Nicola said...

ok found it. love it. BUT have to squint to read it. then again I have reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaally bad eye-sight buuuut make the font bigger? for me??

neks2U said...

Its soo annoying!! Specially whn pple shrtn wrds lyke dey r txtn whn dere's clrly enuff spce to rite! *rolls eyes*

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