Wednesday, 17 November 2010

If you were real, we'd be BFFs: Daria

Recently someone told me that I was super sarcastic and my dead pan delivery made it hard for them to tell if I was being serious or not. Of course, I took it as the compliment that it was and went along my merry way.

Today, as I slipped on my biker boots, I thought of the T.V. character Daria and realised that I absolutely love her. She is a cartoon manifestation of me. This probably isn't a good thing considering that she was a smidgen doom and gloom...but she was hilarious and in my books that really does make up for the rest. Also she totally set the biker boot trend. And the oversized glasses one for that matter...sure hers was necessary for visual performance but ho hum she totally deserves the credit.

Here are some Daria quotes for your reading pleasure.

"People call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate from a doormat or a prostitute"

"I don't like kids. I didn't even like kids when I was a kid"

"Um, thank you. I'm not one for public speaking. Or much for speaking. Come to think of it, I'm not really one for the public..."

"Yeah, I'm tired of going to a school where the kids just think they are cooler than me. I want to go to one where they are smarter than me also"

"smart is not a four letter word. That would be smar..."

Are these not words worth commending?

Methinks so

Here's to you Daria


eat your heat out agyness deyn!! Daria did it first!!

who says you can't wear biker boots with your graduation gown??


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