Saturday, 6 November 2010

It seems I don't like clothes...


Are your mouths agape with shock? Are you scratching your heads wondering if someone has a gun to my head; forcing me to write such horrid words??

Let me explain.

When I say that I don't like clothes...I don't mean I don't like clothes...just that I don't like clothes.

STILL confused???

Yeah I know...let me try again.

I mean I don't like wearing much clothes.

For all my love of fine attire...I have recently realised that I have a certain erm affinity shall we say with naturalists. I don't hug trees or anything like that but I do find that given the opportunity, I will wear the least amount of clothes permissible without being mistaken for a lady of the night.

I tried to blame it on my African upbringing but let's face it...I've lived in London practically my whole life and I can't keep claiming a natural inclination towards tropical weather because I haven't lived in anything close to Nigerian sun for the better part of 17 years.

Ok back to the point.

Yes- I'm a secret nudist.

I just think that there is a certain amount of freedom that comes from dressing...light?? Alas, I do not live alone, neither do I make the rules, so I am forced to conform to society's expectations and refrain from strutting around my house scantily clad [apparently one shouldn't open the door to delivery/post men in such a state...]

As my mother would say 'it's my house sha..can I not be free in my own home?'

It would seem the answer to her very reasonable question is no. I cannot.

So yes I love pretty items of clothing and nothing can cheer me up quicker that a trip to my fave store BUT if permitted by the law and the weather, I would wear clothes that were just shy of leaves a la Adam and Eve.

When I grow up [or rather when I live alone as the law seems to think I am already grown], I want to be a pin-up girl and I shall strut around my house wearing naught but gauzy cloth and a lip-sticked smile.

does anyone else agree with me or am I starting to sound like a blazerwhore?


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