Friday, 17 December 2010


This isn't like one of my usual posts. It's just a thought that passed through my mind and now I am sharing.

A few weeks ago, someone referred to me as 'inbetween'...they were talking about my weight at the time [I know a friendly bunch don't I??] so of course, I started tormenting myself and calling myself a size inbetween [what do you mean I have issues?? nuh uh. I am literally a well rounded gal]

Anyhoo the point is that I have come to the realisation that this horrid phrase really DOES apply to me, but in more ways than one.

I AM casually sauntering somewhere inbetween overweight land and ideal weightville.
I am also inbetween being a bordeline genius and a complete half wit [sometimes I am incredibly sloooooooow]
I am inbetween being a lawyer and erm just not.
I am inbetween being a girl and a woman [an unpleasant truth in every way imaginable]

and most annoyingly, 

I am inbetween being in a 'friendship' and a 'relationship'. I am not sure whether to call it a relationraft or a potentialship but whatever it may be, it is nonetheless inbetween.

I don't particularly like this label. Nothing good comes from being inbetween [except maybe the inbetweeners??]. Have you noticed that some stores don't even stock a size 6.5 shoe?? yes, that's right, even the fashion industry is beginning to shun all things inbetween.

Look at the modelling industry: you're either plus size or minus size. There is no platform for the inbetween model.

So yeah. The point is that I need to pick a side of all my inbetween-y places and really just stick to it.

I would like to be slim, smart, secure in my career and erm not so sure about the relationboat bit, but if we're going with the 's' pattern that my choices seem to have picked...then I guess I would rather be...single??

Dunno really. These are all just random thoughts.
Here's to the inbetweeners. The only good inbetween thing in my life.

and here are a bunch of shoes that I really wouldn't mind being rescued from office for me [in size 6 mind you as office does not do inbetween sizes. shocker that]

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

P.S. I still love you

Hello all!

I have been a bad friend. I have abandoned you all without so much as a word or picture. I sound like such a broken record now but I swear to you, if I had just continued working in the fashion/journalism type industry, I would have more time but nuh uh, not me, I was all 'check me out, I wanna be a lawyer'

It was my birthday last week [I am officially 23] and do you know what I did?? I BLOODY WELL SPENT THE DAY STUDYING!! So yes, don't throw rotten fruit at me because I have not been having fun without you.

Also remember my round my hometown post? about my mother dearest going back to nigeria and my wonderful new clothes??? Let's just say that I really should have followed my instincts as erm the 'dresses' and 'high waisted' trousers were not quuuuuite what I had in mind [I will put up pics as soon as I find/steal/borrow/buy/have bought for me a new camera -please ignore the strange non english sentence].

Also true to form, she brought me a nunga nunga cage [bra] which she swore was my size just before pulling out a 32H helmet from her bag and presenting it to me with a super pleased smile on her face. I mean I know my bosoms are hardly small and humble [no I won't tell you my size ;)] but you really cannot just go around confusing them with mountains [see what I did there???]

Anyhoo, I can't stay too long. I have mock exams this entire week and then two real exams straight after the Christmas break [yay me]

So really and truly this was just a little message to remind you that I'm not dead.