Monday, 31 January 2011

Where do broken hearts go??

The answer is THRIFTING!!

There is NOTHING like cost effective wardrobe additions to brighten my mood.

So yeah - check out my new blouses...

[outfits coming soon]


 pretty patterns, colours and textures

 I am a sucker for button detail
 this blouse will at some point be paired with my new red belt [also thrifted today :)]

 Alas, the green one came without the buttons...
 BUT luckily, I have erm...a teeny collection shall we say...
 Only prob is I can't decide which it is going to be...WHICH is where you guys come in!!!

Is it 1) A nautical affair..
 2) The jack of all spades
 3) rainbow
 4) Alien looking pearls

 5) Plain gold

The decision is YOURS....

Ok well really it's mine...but you felt like you had some power there for a sec didn't ya?

Seriously, opinions will be welcome and genuinely considered.

Love, peace & thrifting glee!!

Sunday, 30 January 2011

It could all be so simple...

It's a wee bit girly and soppy, I know, but this is how I'm feeling today.

Love, Peace & the gift of discernment...
Thursday, 27 January 2011

A is for Androgynous....

Ok so I was on the train the other day and I really couldn't help over hearing/eavesdropping on a couple standing near me. She was trying to figure out the word for 'dressing borderling like a man when you have female naughty bits' and he was struggling [and failing] to prove that he had an extensive vocabulary.

I watched their torture until I really couldn't take it anymore and so I breached all social decorum and blurted out 'ANDROGYNOUS'

There was a pause

Awkward laughter [from him]

Relieved laughter [from her]

Satisfied laughter [from me]

and then a silence which I filled by popping in my iPod earphones and resuming my role as a total stranger.

Anyhoo, that little back story was just a little explanation. The point is that I got to thinking about how some days, I REALLY cannot be bothered to be all 'I am woman, hear my cry' and on those rare frequent days, I embrace androgynism with both arms.

This is why...

Awesome no??

Love, peace and erm baggy dungarees??
Monday, 24 January 2011

I can't stop listening to this song and so I am annoying all of you too!!

Thursday, 20 January 2011

I have a dream part 2: D.I.Y.D.S leather shorts

Hello there!!

Sooooo, remember the post where I had a clearly prophetic dream and ran out of my house at the crack of dawn to buy leather trousers that I could make into shorts?? get to see the product of my insanity today!!

I would like to take the time out to salute fellow bloggers 'Passtime Bliss' for the post that got my creative juices flowing. You guys can take half of the credit for the shorts!! AND for all of you who don't know, D.I.Y.D.S. is the phrase they coined meaning 'Do It Your Damn Self''
Also on another note, I am ALL for nature but there is a veeeeery annoying bird tweeting away at an unnaturally loud volume at regular intervals like some sort of crazed dear bird?, I would just like to remind you that in some countries, you would be considered dinnner..

 [please don't report me to the RSPCA...I didn't say it was in MY country..gosh!!]

ANYHOO, the shorts...what do you think??

they still need to be properly hemmed but that will happen soon.

I also happen to want some leather skirts like so..

i LOVE this henry holland one!!

ANY ideas how I can do these my damn self?? OR alternatively, you could just you know, erm buy/make me one?? your choice really..

p.s. apologies for the rushed-ness [a real word] of the photos. I will dedicate some serious time to phoblography soon!!

p.p.s Extra greetings to my new followers. Y'all make the blogging worthwhile


Round my hometown part 2: momma knows best...

Hey Guys!!

OK soooo some of you may remember my post where I talked about my mum jetting of to Nigeria and having some clothes made for me? Weeeell...the result is FINALLY HERE!!

OK so it was here a while back but when I first saw them, I was devastated and I hid them in the back of my wardrobe and vowed never to think of it again. Dunno if it is the new hair or a post from my new blog friend about her crazy trousers [check her out here] but I was inspired to try on some of the stuff again. I say some because the rest are genuinely foul and will never be seen on my body by human eyes.

BUT for the rest, after some strategic styling, methinks my summer is going to be heavily influenced by my hometown.

I'm still in two minds about some though..feel free to tell me what you think??


 I have always liked these BUT alas, mother dearest thought it best to embellish them with the below industrial sticker which [as you can see] has thwarted my every plan to remove it!! ANY AND ALL ideas/solutions are welcome..

 the dress [well the one I am willing to show the world]...not sure I like it yet??

 tribal trouser 2: at first i HATED these. Slowly warming up to them...sure it is borderline aladdin-esque but erm we're only young once etc...[what do you mean I'm not young anymore??]

 the accessories that made it all possible.

speaking of accessories...what are we thinking of this necklace?? Sometimes it makes me feel that one step too tribal but now I kinda love? FEEDBACK PLEASE!!


trouser 1: nigeria 
trouser 2: nigeria
dress: nigeria
vest top: h&m
rainbow beads: nigeria
wooden beads: nigeria
bag: vintage find
shoes: vintage find
belt 1: primark
belt 2: vintage find

Cerebral Coitus: better than sex???

Whilst watching 'Brothers and Sisters' this one time, I was introduced to the phrase 'brain sex'. What is this you ask? [so glad you did]....

Brain sex [or my very own adaptation, 'cerebral coitus'] is the phenomenon that occurs when two people [of opposing gender if you're heterosexual] engage in a passionate merging of minds. There is no penile penetration, no pregnancy and sure as heck no disease but rather the incredibly attractive insertion of knowledge into another's mind.

It was whilst watching this that I realised that far beyond being a self declared 'blazerwhore', I am also somewhat of a intellectual power whore. On occasion, I have been known to drool when a man [even one of erm mediocre physical attractiveness] does/says something that is borderline genius and then wins all the power as a result. Does that make me a wee bit sick??

I tried to share this with a friend of mine but apparently I 'took it too far' when I politely asked him to 'stick his knowledge in me any time he wanted'. I mean, honestly, I even said please. *sigh* It is a sad day when the world fails to recognise cerebral coitus as the best form of foreplay ever. What are genitals in the face of the stimulation of my greys anatomy? hmmm? NOTHING that's what.

is it too late to promise I am not weird?? because I really am not...

here are some of the T.V. characters that shiver my timbers when they talk the talk...

one senator Robert McAllister [brothers and sisters/ the man who started it all]
 Will Gardner [the good wife]
 Eli Gold [the good wife]

At this point, I must reiterate that cerebral coitus is REALLY not about the visual aesthetics etc but if you CAN get my mind all hot and bothered then you are a good deal more likely to get me to drop the 'brain' prefix [upon marriage of course].. ..oh dear...If my mother should ever see this...

*she sings* "I don't see nothing wrooooong, with a little cerebral coitus..." [not quite the R.Kelly version but ho hum]

Love, Peace and worthwhile degrees :D