Wednesday, 12 January 2011

fashion thinspiration

Hey guys!!

I have been on a lifelong mission to lose weight and I have decided that if it doesn't happen this year, I will give up and eat everything in sight. Including you.

With that in mind, I have decided to share the things that I will do/wear, the INSTANT I have a body that I approve of.

1) I will wear more leather of some description to the dictates of my inner rock chick. Like so...

 maybe not like this one though....oh britney...

2) I will wear cropped tops until people LITERALLY beg me to stop and/or threaten to have me arrested for indecent exposure...

3) I will buy/make adaptation of the Rihanna thigh slit dress a la X factor and then casually saunter down a street with my thighs boldly displayed to the world.
 i will however, leave the red mop top hair to RiRi and erm any other inanimate objects...
uncanny isn't it??
that's all for now folks. IF you see a half naked female with my face anywhere in the next month or two, just erm hand her a large caramel latte, a coat and then congratulate me on a job well done.

IF you see a whale like creature with my face, then erm shake your head and then keep walking because I will probably try to hide my own in shame anyway.

Aren't public declarations of impending diets just grand/intensely stupid and embarrassing?

Love, peace and erm peas??


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