Thursday, 20 January 2011

I have a dream part 2: D.I.Y.D.S leather shorts

Hello there!!

Sooooo, remember the post where I had a clearly prophetic dream and ran out of my house at the crack of dawn to buy leather trousers that I could make into shorts?? get to see the product of my insanity today!!

I would like to take the time out to salute fellow bloggers 'Passtime Bliss' for the post that got my creative juices flowing. You guys can take half of the credit for the shorts!! AND for all of you who don't know, D.I.Y.D.S. is the phrase they coined meaning 'Do It Your Damn Self''
Also on another note, I am ALL for nature but there is a veeeeery annoying bird tweeting away at an unnaturally loud volume at regular intervals like some sort of crazed dear bird?, I would just like to remind you that in some countries, you would be considered dinnner..

 [please don't report me to the RSPCA...I didn't say it was in MY country..gosh!!]

ANYHOO, the shorts...what do you think??

they still need to be properly hemmed but that will happen soon.

I also happen to want some leather skirts like so..

i LOVE this henry holland one!!

ANY ideas how I can do these my damn self?? OR alternatively, you could just you know, erm buy/make me one?? your choice really..

p.s. apologies for the rushed-ness [a real word] of the photos. I will dedicate some serious time to phoblography soon!!

p.p.s Extra greetings to my new followers. Y'all make the blogging worthwhile



Promise said...

Job well done girl... Now your making me want a pair of leather short, nice edge to an outfit....x

Amanda said...

i think they look fierce,,, i have seen a couple of leather shorts, but they are always too short or to big... i guess this could a great alternative... Nice blog btw =)

Nicola said...

thanks guys xx

Unknown said...

love it! they are gorgeous. you did a great job. and our phrase is really catching on. might have to put a patent on it lol. We really need to do an update on our DIDYS x

Unknown said...

LOL love the DIYDS trend...and these shorts were done damn well! sheeeeesh!

Nicola said...


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