Thursday, 27 January 2011

A is for Androgynous....

Ok so I was on the train the other day and I really couldn't help over hearing/eavesdropping on a couple standing near me. She was trying to figure out the word for 'dressing borderling like a man when you have female naughty bits' and he was struggling [and failing] to prove that he had an extensive vocabulary.

I watched their torture until I really couldn't take it anymore and so I breached all social decorum and blurted out 'ANDROGYNOUS'

There was a pause

Awkward laughter [from him]

Relieved laughter [from her]

Satisfied laughter [from me]

and then a silence which I filled by popping in my iPod earphones and resuming my role as a total stranger.

Anyhoo, that little back story was just a little explanation. The point is that I got to thinking about how some days, I REALLY cannot be bothered to be all 'I am woman, hear my cry' and on those rare frequent days, I embrace androgynism with both arms.

This is why...

Awesome no??

Love, peace and erm baggy dungarees??


Promise said...

Ok girl-crush, Gisele looks fit...x

Anonymous said...

Soo funny I stumbled onto this post - I saw androgynous woman or man [I still don't know] on the bus on my way to hospital last week.
I just couldnt fight out the sex, but he/she was beautiful. REALLY beautiful.

he/she was with a woman and he/she was pushing the pram w/ the baby. he/she was dressed as a man w/ short hair. But there were obviously lumps that signified breasts (after PLENTY breast examinations, I was confident enough they were breast and not man boobs). The face was beautiful, and the voice was definitely on the feminine side. However she had a strong Georgie (from Newacastle, UK) accent which did a good job at hiding the majority of the feminity in the voice.

ooo I struggled to figure it out. I couldnt "breach social decorum" and ask. Infact that would have been tooooo far.

But I'll never know.
and it sadden's me.

Anyhoooooooo - before my long rant.., great post!

Nicola said...

LOL. But the thing is that I love you. I tend to rant when I type too. I strongly believe people with this trait are inherently awesome/just not really normal!!

feel free to follow if you likey :)

Subversive LulĂș said...
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Subversive LulĂș said...

Great post!, I think that people sometimes get curious with things they cannot explain or don't quite understand, and that happens a lot in fashion!, this trend is actually a good example of society moving forward and not backwards.
lOVE the giselle photo!

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