Friday, 7 January 2011

merry erm Friday...

 Hi Guys!!

Merry Christmas, Happy New year and fabby friday!!

Ok so forgive me but I had exams [which btw were erm interesting but i'm praying good nonetheless]

However it seems that outside of studying, I have become an uber boring gal, soooo I have spent the entire day baking up a storm [which is probably why I am as slim as I am now] and watching back to back episodes of other peoples lives on TV. 

Boredom led to depression. Depression led to eating. Eating led to momentary joy and then further depression. Further depression led to internet searching and BOOM- insta-joy. Now I have compiled some images of clothes and pretty things that made me happy and me in generally happier times.


How awesome is that?? this means that the blogging is about to resume full throttle. 

Love, peace and calorific cake grease [i will start dieting i promise, but it just doesn't sound the same if i say love, peace and celery does it??]


i though't i 'd throw this avatar one in for kicks. it's my blog!!

we look like a united colours poster. this does not mean that i like snow. i really don't


Miss behaviour said...

Aha, so you are a lacy rock chick snow bunny? I KNEW it!

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