Wednesday, 19 January 2011

New hair and hobo wear....

Hi guys!!

Recently, I've been wanting a new look...well really a new hairstyle and I was inspired by my new vocal love, Jessie J. 

I know the whole bangs and bob thing has been done before...heck, I've even done it before BUT I didn't appreciate it before and I wanted to give it another go.

I must admit that I wasn't entirely decided until I saw this picture of Teju [owner of Vintage Tartlette...check out the FB group page here]
 then I began my search for the hairdresser who would recreate the same look atop my head. Turned out that hair dresser was MEEEEEE [check me out] but I think I did a fabby job. You can all be the judges etc



ok this was me like 3 years ago...
yeah erm...i have no explanations for this picture. Let's call it an 'expression of my creative side...'
and this is me TODAY!!
just woke up..and yes my jumper does say change!! coincidink?? YUP!

what a difference make up makes eh??

FAVE new happy ring!!

i whipped my hair back....

AND forth!!!

tried to do the whole 'broken doll' thing...i think i just look broken. mentally..

teddy bears are MUCH better lovers than men..

 and this is me jumping for joy, which I realise that you are now probably doing too as we come to the close of the. longest. post. EVER.

you can see the door handle THROUGH MY FREAKING ARM!! Awesome/a wee scary right?? worry not, I'm not a ghost...just technology at it's strangest!!

the video is of my hair inspiration singing the acoustic version of her song 'Nobody's perfect' the words, love the song. just love really!! Listen and love!!


p.s. this hair has the strangest effect on men i'll tell you. I am being propositioned left, right and centre...probably because the bangs are so low they cannot see me pointedly rolling my eyes!!

ok now bye for real!!

cardigan no.1: vintage
mohair cardigan: brick lane
leggings: h&m
vest top: h&m
happiness ring: topshop


Promise said...

Ooooh I soooo love that hair on you especially with the red lipstick, beautiful ....x

I'm following ...x

Nicola said...

thanks love!! i am off to find you right now...x

Adanna said...

Amazing hair! I love it. What kind of hair did you use?

Nicola said...

it is a crazy mix of stuff BUT the majority is 'milky way yaki weave' methinks. tbh, I just bought that one because it was on sale but it turned out alrightish. I mixed it with other randomers in my house, including premium plus.

hope this help..xx

Unknown said...

Love the hair....both the style in the past and now. Gotta say, no one can style your hair better than yourself. I do it all the time too...x

Nicola said...

thanks :) x

Kenzie Leigh said...

your hair looks amazing!! so full its beautiful!! good job on doin it yourself :)

Nicola said...

thank you dear....x

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