Thursday, 20 January 2011

Round my hometown part 2: momma knows best...

Hey Guys!!

OK soooo some of you may remember my post where I talked about my mum jetting of to Nigeria and having some clothes made for me? Weeeell...the result is FINALLY HERE!!

OK so it was here a while back but when I first saw them, I was devastated and I hid them in the back of my wardrobe and vowed never to think of it again. Dunno if it is the new hair or a post from my new blog friend about her crazy trousers [check her out here] but I was inspired to try on some of the stuff again. I say some because the rest are genuinely foul and will never be seen on my body by human eyes.

BUT for the rest, after some strategic styling, methinks my summer is going to be heavily influenced by my hometown.

I'm still in two minds about some though..feel free to tell me what you think??


 I have always liked these BUT alas, mother dearest thought it best to embellish them with the below industrial sticker which [as you can see] has thwarted my every plan to remove it!! ANY AND ALL ideas/solutions are welcome..

 the dress [well the one I am willing to show the world]...not sure I like it yet??

 tribal trouser 2: at first i HATED these. Slowly warming up to them...sure it is borderline aladdin-esque but erm we're only young once etc...[what do you mean I'm not young anymore??]

 the accessories that made it all possible.

speaking of accessories...what are we thinking of this necklace?? Sometimes it makes me feel that one step too tribal but now I kinda love? FEEDBACK PLEASE!!


trouser 1: nigeria 
trouser 2: nigeria
dress: nigeria
vest top: h&m
rainbow beads: nigeria
wooden beads: nigeria
bag: vintage find
shoes: vintage find
belt 1: primark
belt 2: vintage find


Promise said...

Love love the accessories, and the yellow trousers wooow, all eyes are definitely going to be on you this summer, and for the sticker try oil or white spirit but I think it might stain it, my mum is on the phone to my aunty and she said ironing it might help, but double check before you try

Promise said...

Just noticed your an Ibo girl, hey hey hey!!!

Nicola said...

LMAO! speedy response!! love the fact you got you mum in on the solution action!! thanks, i am super desperate!! x

Nicola said...

lol- yup! how could you tell?? I take it you are also ibo? HOLLA!!

Unknown said...

OMG!! I can't believe you contemplated those for a hot minute?? THEY ARE BEYOND FIRE HOTT!!

My fave HAS to be the mustard trousers....i want!! FInding a Nigerian tailor that understands your vision is hard. Give your mother a HUGE hug from me cos she's made you one hottie this summer :)

Promise said...

Yeh lol, I just assumed you were yoruba, because most of the girls blogs I've seen are yoruba...then I saw your email address and was like, Yey! Lool

Nicola said...

@ ONYXSTA - *blushes* - yeah I am ashamed of myself too. I won't tell my mum what you said because she will start feeling funky. maybe on mothers say/her birthday??...

@ promise -igbo kwenu!! [sad tribal recognition moment] - check out my friend throughmyaiz - methinks you will like her too

Miss behaviour said...

I KNEW you exaggerated!!! I love the yellow ones! Also love the necklace and the straw shoe thingies. If they put that on Naomi Campbell now you will say "fashion! fashion" Abeg, my auntie get style sha!

Promise said...

Following her as well, another blogger who made me laugh, with her Rihanna post

Nicola said...

@ miss know you don't HAVE to be like this??

Unknown said...

looove the yellow trousers and the dress. really pretty. your mum has done well :) and the necklace is gorgeous. looks great with the plain top.
I got a dress made as well when i was in nigeria over christmas.

The Rumor of Love . said...

i love the pants ; theyre sucha great print & can go well w| a pop of color like the blue belt you paired w| the yellow & white pants . btw , i was commenting on "5 inch heels blog" and i said i NEEDED that necklace , so you can ship to me when you have the chance lol . .... no , im serious .


Nicola said...

@ southerners from the North....I WANNA SEE YOUR DRESS!!

@the rumor of Love...stick around...I have been tickled by the idea of doing a giveaway soon. it MAY well be the necklace?? [insert ooh and aahs here]

Girl In The Corner said...

Hey nic, I think these are quite cool! Do your thing lady x

Nicola said...

thanks jojo x

Anonymous said...

great blog...abit late but if u iron the other side of the material, the sticker will peel right off

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